From the Chief

P.G. Stamatopoulos

It is a great honor to have been selected to serve as Commander, NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps. I look forward to leading our

supply community while we improve warfighting readiness, strengthen the unity with our mission partners and allies, and build highly motivated and competent teams.

With over 25,000 Active & Reserve Officer and Enlisted personnel, spanning every community (Surface, Aviation, Undersea, Expeditionary, Special Operations, etc…), and a US Civil Service workforce of over 7,000, the Supply Community’s collective strength and perseverance are stronger than ever. Despite COVID-19, we have embraced the challenges this year has brought us, harnessing new experiences to drive continuous innovation. Your steadfast dedication to duty, while shouldering personal responsibility at the same time, has been instrumental to limit the spread of this virus, and shows me you are always adapting to advance the mission.

The ability to adapt and persevere in an increasingly global, interconnected, and intensely competitive environment is critically important to logistics in the 21st century. This environment demands our very best leadership, engagement, and alignment, using a whole-of-Navy
approach. To create the supply chain performance we need, it’s imperative that we manage supply chains differently, no longer accepting uncoordinated and fragmented decision-making. To meet this challenge, we have launched Naval Sustainment System-Supply (NSS-Supply)– a new design approach that will dive deeper and broader into our supply chains and drive end-to-end supply chain reform.

This is certainly an exciting time to be a Navy Supply Corps Officer. With our collective strength, I’m confident we will succeed in the expeditious delivery of supplies, services and logistics solutions to the warfighter today, tomorrow, and always.

Thank you!

Fall 2020