From the Chief

Rear Admiral, SC, USN

As we enter a new fiscal year, I am reminded of your significant achievements, dedication to
service, and the difference you make each and every day. Fiscal year 2019 was an extraordinary
chapter. From audit to reform, from weapon systems support to denied-comms logistics, from
OPLAN reviews to Reserve manpower augmentation, and from Captain/Commander milestone board modernization to Retail Services Specialists rating name change… you moved the needle around the globe on behalf of our Navy and nation, and made us better in meaningful ways!

On August 22, 2019, the 32nd Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday assumed office. During his change of office ceremony, he stated, “our Navy’s strategic direction is rock solid and that our Navy is in great shape.”

Under CNO’s direction to focus efforts on warfighting, warfighters, and the future fleet, we must expedite our innovative pursuits and important collaboration in areas of agile and resilient logistics support. To that end, we will maintain course and increase speed, as required. I urge you to challenge policies and processes that impede progress just because “we have always done it this way”. There is no higher priority for us as an enterprise and supply community.

This issue of the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter highlights the Navy’s partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). From my experience as a supply officer afloat, and my assignments at DLA Land and Maritime and DLA Aviation, I have an appreciation for the vital global support DLA provides. This issue’s articles offer insights into the organization and supply officers serving in those positions around the globe. As you read these articles, ask questions of your peers and mentors, seek to understand the organization and how they affect readiness and where applicable, work with DLA to explore and support solutions for the Navy and joint warfighter.

The work you do is critical to sustaining our Navy. I am grateful for your service, hard work, and commitment to excellence. Well done team and happy fiscal new year!

Fall 2019