NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Earns Prestigious CNO Environmental Award

July 13, 2017 | By kgabel
BY SHANNON R. HANEY, OFFICE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, NAVSUP FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER PEARL HARBOR NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Pearl Harbor was recognized as a winner of the prestigious Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Environmental Award in a naval message released March 15. The award recognized NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s environmental team as one of three winners for the Sustainability-Individual/Team category. [caption id="attachment_6558" align="aligncenter" width="500"]
VIRIN: 170713-N-ZZ219-6558
NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s Environmental Team was recognized as a winner of the CNO Environmental Award for the Sustainability - Team category. From left to right, Lt. Cmdr. Drew Lovgren, Derek Wong, Sonya Steinhoff-Aspili, Lt.j.g. Frances Hunter, Doug Bugado, and John Floyd. –photo by Shannon Haney.   The environmental team oversees the command’s environmental programs, ensuring compliance in all operational areas to include fuel, ocean terminals, hazardous material (HAZMAT), and material handling equipment operations. The team actively promotes implementation of innovative solutions and best practices, command participation, and community engagement to protect Hawaii’s environment, while accomplishing mission objectives. The environmental team consists of members from two departments within NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor – the fuel department and the logistics readiness department’s material management division. The fuel department operates and maintains the fuel facilities; they also are responsible for the command’s facilities sustainment, repair, modernization, and environmental programs. They ensure all facilities projects are compliant with Executive Order 13693 and seek opportunities to improve energy and water efficiency and environmental quality in all NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor operations. “This prestigious award highlights NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s enduring commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Fuel Department Deputy Director, John Floyd. “I’m honored to be a part of such a great team producing sustainability initiatives that truly make a difference.” The material management division is responsible for providing HAZMAT support to Navy and Air Force commands on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. A significant part of their mission is to minimize the volume of HAZMAT purchases and the generation of hazardous waste. In fiscal 2016, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor executed several energy conservation and xeriscaping projects, continued efforts to minimize purchase and storage of hazardous material throughout the region, collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve operation and maintenance of underground storage tanks, and conducted several command engagement and community outreach events. These accomplishments were achieved during a period of significant funding and personnel hiring constraints. Additionally in fiscal 2016, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor achieved annual energy cost reductions of more than $200,000, annual water savings of 31,000 gallons, and reduced light pollution to protect local sea birds. The command continues its commitment to environmental excellence through community involvement, training all command members, and implementing processes to reduce procurement of hazardous material. These efforts demonstrated environmentally friendly initiatives that can enhance the command’s mission posture while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing worker safety while providing increased protection to the environment. “I am very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to getting more NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor personnel involved with our energy conservation, environmental stewardship, and Earth Month activities,” said Fuel Department Director Lt. Cmdr. Drew Lovgren. The team continues to apply energy-saving technology and best practices in 2017. Three projects have been initiated to upgrade legacy lighting fixtures; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; and heavy equipment to further reduce the command’s overall energy consumption. “We take environmental sustainability very seriously here, from our efforts to protect Oahu’s drinking water to minimizing our ecological footprint while meeting mission support requirements,” said Commanding Officer Capt. Ken Epps. “This is a big win for the Navy/Air Force Joint team we have here in Hawaii and a validation of their tremendous efforts this past year to operate ‘green.’” NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor will join the other winners in receiving a command plaque and advancing to the secretary of the Navy level of competition. May/June 2017