NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Provides Logistics Support to USS Cole

July 12, 2017 | By kgabel
BY JAVANI G. JONES, PUBLIC AFFAIRS, NAVSUP FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER BAHRAIN LSR Rolando Bautista had a unique opportunity to get a first–hand look at USS Cole (DDG 67). Having served aboard a dozen U.S. Navy ships in an active duty capacity, Bautista said that visiting Cole made a lasting impression. In 2000, the Cole bombing was one of the deadliest naval attacks in recent times, in which 17 Sailors lost their lives in a terrorist attack off of the coast of Yemen. [caption id="attachment_6462" align="alignright" width="300"]
VIRIN: 170712-N-ZZ219-6462
LSR Rolando Bautista views the Hall of Heroes in memory of the Sailors who lost their lives in the 2000 USS Cole (DDG 67) bombing. [caption id="attachment_6463" align="alignright" width="300"]
VIRIN: 170712-N-ZZ219-6463
LSR Rolando Bautista views the 17 stars in the Hall of Heroes, which honors the 17 Sailors that died in the USS Cole (DDG 67) bombing in 2000. –photos by Javani Jones The port visit gave Bautista an opportunity to honor and remember the 17 fallen Sailors in the Cole attack. Bautista said that walking on the Cole was so solemn that it gave him goosebumps. While aboard, he was able to view the Hall of Heroes, which represents those who sacrificed their lives and immortalizes them for future ship crews. “When you are walking down that hallway, you have a totally different feeling, as if you can feel the presence of the departed crew,” said Bautista. The NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Logistics Response Team delivered 19 pallets of cargo weighing more than 3,480 pounds, significantly contributing to Cole’s mission readiness. As a vital source in the resupply efforts, NAVSUP FLC Bahrain continues to be a critical logistics provider to ships visiting the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations. “All of the ships that are in the U.S. 5th Fleet area are defending our country,” said Bautista. “They are enduring sacrifices away from their families to do an important job. Cole is a combat ship, so in a moment’s notice they can be in danger. The supplies we provide to the Sailors support the maintenance and repair for operational efforts, and help to shape the morale of the crew. When a Sailor receives a letter from a loved one while at sea, it provides reassurance of the dedication and commitment to protecting the safety of our nation.” May/June 2017