Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in Providing Global Logistics for a Global Navy

Dec. 20, 2016 | By kgabel
VIRIN: 161220-N-ZZ219-5283
NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) celebrated its ten-year anniversary August 1, 2016. In August 2006, the Chief of Naval Operations formally stood up Commander, Fleet Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISC) to focus on global logistics and to drive best practices across the then seven FISCs throughout the Fleet. Over the years, COMFISC has overseen field-contracting operations; optimized the performance of base supply functions such as hazardous material management, regional transportation and retail supply; and standardized levels of service across Navy regions around the world. “Throughout its existence, NAVSUP GLS has excelled at standardizing and optimizing the logistics business lines we have been mission–charged to deliver.” said NAVSUP GLS Commander Rear Adm. James McNeal. “The Fleet counts on us to execute with the speed and agility our rapidly changing naval operational environment requires.” The command has experienced growth and change since its founding. In October 2010, Naval Operational Logistics Support Center Petroleum realigned to the command and makes up what is known today as NAVSUP Energy. The command was renamed July 1, 2011 to NAVSUP GLS and the FISCs were renamed NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLCs) as part of the “One NAVSUP … One Enterprise” branding initiative. In October 2012, NAVSUP GLS formally integrated the ammunition supply chain management, transportation and operations planning of the former command known as NAVSUP Logistics Operations Center, with headquarters for the ammunition directorate based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The integration cemented NAVSUP GLS’ presence as the single face to fleet and shore customers, adding greater agility to the command’s global reach. In late 2013, the command established an eighth FLC in Bahrain to operate forward as a stand-alone command to increase services and support for ships across the Southwest Asia area of responsibility. November/December 2016