Navy Postal Updates Around the Field & Fleet

May 26, 2016 | By kgabel
BY GABE TELLES DIRECTOR OF NAVY POSTAL OPERATIONS NAVAL SUPPLY SYSTEMS COMMAND New Navy Standardized Address Implementation/Virtual Mail Box Navy Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses for ships, mobile units, and ashore FPOs are being converted to an address format compatible with the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) Address Management System (AMS), as announced by NAVADMIN message 264/14, Nov. 18, 2014. The new standardized address uses a format similar to how residential mail is addressed across the U.S.; it will save Navy mail transportation costs, reduce mail transit times and will capitalize on automation with the new capability to change addresses online during transfers, which is good news for Sailors. Since all Navy FPO addresses are now using a USPS-compatible address format that has been updated in the AMS database, Sailors are provided with a new capability that enables them to use the USPS Internet Change of Address (iCOA). Sailors can access the iCOA at, under the “Track & Manage” tab, then click on the “Change of Address” drop-down link. The USPS uses an identity verification, linking the Sailor to their credit card billing address—which can be their current address, new address, or a 3rd “other” address-in the event, for example, a Sailor on sea duty uses their “home” address for credit card billing purposes. Using automation, the USPS links iCOA updates with the USPS Postal Automated Redirect System (PARS) during mail processing, and can “intercept” mail while still in the mail stream being processed by automated equipment and “redirect” the mail to the Sailor’s new duty station. This PARS process saves mail transit time for redirect mail and reduces Navy mail transportation costs by avoiding mail going to old duty locations only to be redirected to new duty stations.
VIRIN: 160526-N-ZZ219-3672
The new address format for ships and mobile units is as follows: Line 1: NAME Line 2: SHIP OR MOBILE UNIT NAME Line 3: SHIP OR MOBILE UNIT NUMBER, BOX NUMBER Line 4: FPO (AP, AE, AA) ZIP CODE (5 digits only) EXAMPLE: CAPT JAMES T KIRK USS ENTERPRISE CVN 65 UNIT 100350 BOX 2468 FPO AE 09543  
VIRIN: 160526-N-ZZ219-3673
(Above) The new format for ashore FPOs contains a Postal Service Center (PSC) number and box number along with a 5-digit ZIP Code in the address as follows: Line 1: NAME Line 2: PSC NUMBER, BOX, NUMBER Line 3: FPO (AP, AE, AA) ZIP CODE (5 digits only) EXAMPLE: LS2 CLARK KENT PSC479 BOX 1234 FPO AP 96269 Looking Ahead to Voting Season: Absentee Ballots Now Have In-Transit Visibility The 2015 voting season is right around the corner and with the upcoming General Election determining our next President, Sailors should start thinking now about registering to vote early. This will allow sufficient lead time for election offices to mail ballots for Sailors voting with the absentee ballots. For Sailors using absentee ballots from FPOs afloat and ashore, they  will have a capability for in-transit visibility of their ballots from time of mailing, through transit points, all the way to delivery at the election office. Ballots can be tracked online by entering the tracking number at in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage in the “Search or Enter a Tracking Number” block. In addition, absentee ballots for Sailors will be provided with USPS Express Mail Service at no additional charge. This additional service provides Sailors with the fastest and highest priority for mail processing and delivery of  any mail class available.
VIRIN: 160526-N-ZZ219-3675
2015 Holiday Peak Season Mailing Deadlines for Delivery by 25 December With the upcoming peak holiday mailing season, the USPS, in conjunction with the Military Postal Service Agency and Joint Military Postal Activity have established holiday season mailing deadlines. The holiday mailing season is the busiest time of the year for the entire postal system worldwide, where mail volumes can easily double and in some cases even triple, depending upon location. This increased mail volume puts a tremendous demand on the entire global postal network and impacts mail processing, transportation and mail delivery processes. By planning in advance to mail your holiday packages using the peak season deadlines, Sailors can expect delivery of your packages by December 25.
VIRIN: 160526-N-ZZ219-3678
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