Retirement of UADPS-SP/U2 and Tandem

March 9, 2015 | By scnewsltr
For decades, the Uniform Automated Data Processing System - Stock Points (UADPS-SP/U2) and Tandem System have been the Naval Supply Systems Command’s (NAVSUP) major non-tactical support business systems for ashore and afloat Navy operations. Within the past few months, both have been shut down and moved into retirement after being operational for a combined span of nearly a century. UADPS-SP/U2 spanned six decades, providing exemplary support to warfighters around the world during peace and wartime. The concept
VIRIN: 150309-N-ZZ219-2863
of UADPS-SP/U2 began in the 1950s with the arrival of Automated Data Processing. In the mid-1960s, NAVSUP directed their Central Design Agency--Fleet Material Support Office (FMSO), today known as NAVSUP Business Systems Center (NAVSUP BSC), to assume design responsibility. The design was based on the premise that Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (FISCs), today known as Fleet Logistics Centers (FLCs), can be the vehicle for consolidating and integrating waterfront support into a geographical/regionalized entity, enhancing the logistics support provided to afloat and ashore customers, and reducing duplication of shore-based infrastructure and inventories around the world, while still retaining the traditional gateway to the logistics pipeline. From the 1970s through the 1990s, UADPS-SP/U2 continued to evolve with functional enhancements and several hardware, software, and database modernization efforts. During the 1980s, NAVSUP augmented the UADPS-SP/U2 mainframe environment with what was referred to as Tandem NonStop Computers that were originally marketed to a number of private sector transaction-processing businesses. These included automated teller machines (ATMs), banks, stock exchanges and other similar needs. NAVSUP BSC Information Technology (IT) professionals installed Tandem NonStop systems worldwide to form the original Stock Point Logistics Integrated Communications Environment (SPLICE) Network providing a networking capability and application support/access for the Navy stock points and inventory control points. Once in place, NAVSUP BSC IT professionals adapted the Tandem technology and developed a number of applications to support fleet requirements. The Tandem replicated many of the mainframe database files to support the additional applications creating Total Asset Visibility (TAV) of excess parts and supplies throughout the world. The TAV applications used the existing network and programming tools to reinvent the way the Navy handled consumable assets marked for excess. By automatically redistributing the material instead of turning it in to disposal, the applications precluded the Navy from buying material to fill a need at one site when another site had the same material in an excess status. The total savings exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars over the years and the FMSO development team was awarded the Al Gore Hammer Award in 1994. In the mid-2000s, UADPS-SP/U2 began transitioning to Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution Standard System (DSS). Shutdown of the last UADPS-SP/U2 site was completed in August 2014 with the transfer of Cheatham Annex to the DLA DSS. The NAVSUP BSC San Diego Regional Support Site officially retired Tandem operations in October 2014. The success of these long-standing systems was made possible by an elite group of professionals located in the United States and around the globe. By Jamie Paull, NAVSUP Business System Center, Office of Corporate Communications