Military Postal Service Agency Names NAVSUP FLC Bahrain as Beta Testing Site for New Initiative

Jan. 27, 2015 | By scnewsltr
A diverse team of postal operations experts arrived at NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain recently to conduct two weeks of specialized training on a new nesting initiative for Fleet Post Office employees. Nesting is the process of associating the barcodes on each piece of mail in a particular mail bag to a single barcode located on the outside of the mail bag. When a mail handler at a mail distribution center scans the bag, all the individual pieces in the bag are also scanned at the same time. This improved efficiency allows for automatic tracking updates at several more checkpoints along the way conveniently providing customers additional online tracking information. Nesting provides customers with enhanced real-time parcel tracking updates and is expected to be globally implemented by 2016. Led by Lt. Col. Andy Nguyen, Transportation Division Chief, Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) U.S. Air Force, the team consisted of members from the Military Postal Service Agency, United States Postal Service, and a computer software company. Post Office Operations is a major component of the Sailor and Family Support Business Line of the NAVSUP enterprise and as such, continuous process improvement plays a key role in ensuring post office customers receive the most up-to-date technological methods of service. NAVSUP FLC Bahrain was selected to be the Beta Testing Site for this new Department of Defense initiative that improves customer visibility. Prior to the nesting initiative, when a customer shipped mail back to the United States and requested tracking information, the updates would only consist of time of departure from Bahrain and time of arrival in Chicago. Now, customers are able to see up to eight additional location scans as their mail travels from the Gulf through various countries on its way to the final destination. This is especially important for time sensitive material such as Absentee Ballots submitted by forward deployed service members and is in alignment with the Military Postal Service Voting Action Plan. NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain will continue to operate in a beta test environment until the initiative has been implemented at all military post offices worldwide. By Lt.j.g. Analee Jacques, SC, USN; NAVSUP FLC Bahrain, Office of Corporate Communications