Ret. Captain James Bly Davis, SC, USN

June 26, 2018 | By kgabel
Ret. Capt. James B. Davis, SC, USN, passed away on March 26, 2017 at La Mesa, California. He was 89 years old. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Thomas R. and Margaret (Bly) Davis, “Jim” grew up in the suburb of Green Tree. Upon graduating from high school in 1945, he entered the Marine Corps, serving in World War II. A year later, he received a congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and matriculated with the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) latecomers at Camp Peary, Virginia. While there, he played plebe football, competed in brigade boxing, and graduated with the Class of 1950 as a member of the 11th Company. Summer 2018