Reforming NAVSUP for the Navy’s Future

June 20, 2018 | By kgabel
Flash from the Commander, NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps 20 APR 2018 Reforming NAVSUP for the Navy’s Future As our Armed Forces adapt to a faster-paced, more complex, and increasingly competitive security environment, NAVSUP is reforming to meet the changing needs to ensure mission success. Further, Defense Secretary Mattis tasked DoD to reform business practices, streamline requirements and acquisition processes, and execute the DoD’s first full-scope audit. Each of us has a role in the changes we need to build the Navy the Nation Needs. Driving our reform initiative is a desire to realign so we are closer to our customers, to help them get what they need quicker and with better effectiveness. As a Navy command, NAVSUP is best positioned to understand the customers’ world as our own, providing close collaboration and customer-focused metrics. Reasserting NAVSUP’s role as the Navy’s Title 10 leader for supply chain management is also a core element of our reform initiative. As the lead supply support provider for Navy, NAVSUP fulfills naval force requirements organically and via both public and private organizations that provide segments of supply support. Only you, our NAVSUP and Supply Corps team, can integrate these segments into a comprehensive, tailored solution to meet the full Navy requirement. Digitization is another key part of our reform. For us to provide the enhanced agility and customer service our Navy and Joint warfighters need, next generation forecasting will leverage advanced analytics and data feeds to anticipate customer demands. You will see improved data analytics and new digital technology being implemented throughout our programs and processing, including forecasting. Recognizing that investing in you, our people, is vital to the success of any initiative, enabling the workforce is another core component of our reform initiative. We host a culture of excellence that develops and trains our people and the next generation of leaders. NAVSUP will identify, hire, train, and retain the new era workforce. Civilians are NAVSUP’s consistent and dependable core of our global workforce. NAVSUP is optimally positioned for us to more directly engage and support our customers through these demands. Our spring edition of the Supply Corps Newsletter, available at, focused on reform and provides further examples of how we are reforming. You are making this happen. Many of our commands are already implementing reform initiatives. Over the next 18 months, a steering committee led by NAVSUP senior leaders, will oversee our Reform Program and work several specific lines of effort. Some of these efforts will include integrating next generation technological advances into every supply chain process, investing in high-value technologies to improve processes, and leveraging data analytics. In the end, our initiative will forge the organization for sustained performance by evolving the NAVSUP operating model so we remain always ready, resourceful, responsive! We will keep you updated as our Reform program matures. J. A. YUEN Rear Adm. Jonathan A. Yuen Summer 2018