NAVSUP FLC San Diego’s Fallon Fuels Division Named Retail Fuel Activity of the Year

Aug. 25, 2017 | By kgabel
BY CANDICE VILLARREAL, DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS NAVSUP FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER SAN DIEGO NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) San Diego’s Fallon Fuels Division was announced as the winner of the Navy Retail Fuel Activity of the Year in a congratulatory message dated April 6. Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon was selected for the award by the Excellence in Naval Fuel Management Recognition Program for the fuel division’s accomplishments in calendar year 2016. “We are all humbled and honored by NAS Fallon’s selection as the Navy Retail Activity of the Year,” said Lt. Cmdr. Brian Madden, regional fuels officer. “This recognition does not happen by accident; it is a reflection of the pride, professionalism, commitment and hard work of this superb team that operates the best air station operation in the fleet.” [caption id="attachment_6827" align="aligncenter" width="469"]
VIRIN: 170825-N-ZZ219-6827
NAVSUP FLC San Diego’s Fallon Fuels Facility Manager Henry Nusi accepted the Navy Retail Fuels Activity of the Year award.   NAS Fallon provided a broad range of fuel services to a number of aviation training command customers throughout 2016 to earn the accolade. The fuels division remains NAVSUP FLC San Diego’s premier government-owned, contractor-operated facility, responsible for more than 30 million gallons of fuel throughput in support of warfighter readiness and training. “This is a very small team that is responsible for safely fueling training evolutions of extraordinary magnitudes,” said NAVSUP FLC San Diego Commanding Officer Capt. Michelle Morse. “They are well trained, they are committed, and they are extremely efficient. They truly embody and exhibit daily what it means to truly ‘deserve’ an award like this. I cannot overstate how incredibly proud I am to lead such a stellar team.” During the award period, the NAS Fallon fuels division provided exceptional support to nine carrier air wings and strike fighter advanced readiness program detachments; three Top Gun classes; the Naval Air Warfare Development Center; and an independent squadron deployment, executing fuel support missions for 25,527 aircraft. To sum it up, the 24-person team distributed more than 29 million gallons of fuel to the Navy’s winged warfighters without a single spill, and with a nine-minute average response time. “The hard work and dedication from every member of this team, including a great amount on behalf of the contractor, is what really has brought us this far,” said Henry Nusi, fuels facility manager at Fallon. “We are here to support the warfighting efforts of the squadrons that come here to train in preparation for deployments, in addition to supporting Top Gun classes made up of some of the best pilots in the world. That is not insignificant work.” The NAVSUP FLC San Diego fuels team nabbed two category wins for 2016: the Navy Retail Fuels Activity category, bestowed upon the Fallon team, and the Navy Fuel Civilian award, presented to Ms. Digna Feria of Defense Fuel Support Point, Point Loma. “I think we all take a lot of personal pride in what we do, and to receive this award is an honor,” said Nusi. “I was stationed on aircraft carriers during my active duty service, and I know what a huge role training plays in the real fight. Knowing the job we’re doing here is going to benefit our service members when they go out into harm’s way feels really good. I enjoy knowing that we contributed somehow to the success of the mission.” July/August 2017