FY18 Civilian Institutions Post Graduate Selections

Aug. 24, 2017 | By kgabel
Congratulations to those Supply Corps officers selected for the FY18 Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) 810 and 811 Programs. The CIVINS 810 and 811 Programs’ administrative board is one of the Supply Corps’ most competitive boards, and each of the selectees are to be commended for their superior performance. Officers selected for the 810 Program will earn a Master of Business Administration along with the 1301P subspecialty code. Officers selected for the 811 Program will earn a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in petroleum management along with the 1307P subspecialty code. 810 Program LT Christopher J. Brown LT Carlisle R. Catacutan LT Daniel S. Hatting LT Jesse V. Julao LT Robert J. Schmermund LT Hisham K. Semaan 811 Program LT Gregory P. Sceviour LT Ryan N. Shipley LT Jordan T. Stephens LT Phuong Anh C. Ta July/August 2017