USS Lake Erie Ship's Store

May 17, 2017 | By kgabel
BY ENS BRANDON VENTURINI, SC, USN LAKE ERIE SALES OFFICER In January 2017, USS Lake Erie (CG 70) underwent a ship's store branding event provided by Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). The ship's store had an outdated look, and the branding process gave it an updated, more appealing look that was inviting and strategic due to the merchandising techniques designed to increase sales. [caption id="attachment_6110" align="aligncenter" width="500"]
VIRIN: 170517-N-ZZ219-6110
CO Capt. Darren McPherson, NEXCOM CMC MCPO Shannon Howe, SUPPO Lt. Josh Hart and NEXCOM Merchandising Specialist Veronica Naughton   Throughout the process, the S-3 division was highly involved with the branding decisions and efforts, building a sense of ownership that this was their ship's store. Walk into the store now and blue lining, yellow hash marks, and display cases give it the standard NEXCOM look as seen in ashore Navy Exchanges. However, every afloat store is set apart due to the "Your Ship - Your Store" logo and heritage poster designed by the S-3 division, providing even more esprit de corps. Over the past month, sales, profits, and stock turn have increased due to the branding and training NEXCOM representatives provided the S-3 division. The workload has decreased for the division because there are now set places for products that have purpose–no more trying to find room for chips in the toiletry aisle. Crew morale has increased as they feel more valued and are able to easily find their preferred products. With a reinvented ship store, the crew is proud to bring friends and family into the ship's store to show them all the emblematics available for purchase. With deployment approaching, the ship's store can betterserve the crew aboard Erie. March/April 2017