6 Things to Know about Navy COOL

May 17, 2017 | By kgabel
FROM CENTER FOR INFORMATION WARFARE TRAINING PUBLIC AFFAIRS Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) provides active duty and Reserve Sailors, whether forward deployed, underway or ashore, a way to map their Navy education, training, experience and competencies to civilian credentials and occupations. Here are six things every Sailor should know about Navy COOL: 1. 1,875 funded credentialing opportunities are available for enlisted personnel with at least one credential opportunity for every Sailor to earn. Why this matters to you: You will not be in the Navy forever. Credentialed service members demonstrate to prospective civilian employers that their skills are on par with their civilian peers. 761 of these credentials may be attainable as soon as Class “A” technical school has been completed. Sailors can take advantage of these credentialing opportunities shortly after their initial training within their first term of service. 2. Navy COOL administers a voucher program that will pay for eligible credentialing exams, re-certification fees and maintenance fees for enlisted personnel. Now, Navy COOL can also provide credential funding for E-6 and above retiring with 20 years of service. Always contact the Navy’s Credentials Program Office before you start, take, participate in, or otherwise obligate yourself or the government in any Navy-funded credentialing program or exam. 3. More than 1,500 credentialing opportunities are mapped to officer designators. Are you in a position that requires mandatory Cyberspace Information Technology/Cybersecurity Workforce (Cyber IT/CSWF) credentials? You may be eligible for funding. 4. Credentialing is part of a Sailor’s Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR).
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You can find your LaDR on Navy COOL’s website. It is a competency model tool you can use to optimize your Navy career path, with training and education milestones for your rating at each paygrade. 5. Navy COOL also offers Navy Advancement Exam Bibliographies (BIBs) for every rating. These lists of occupational and professional military knowledge references help guide Sailors in their studies. If you are an advancement candidate, it is critical that you check the bibliography a few times before the exam administration date to see if you are studying the most current information. Navy COOL maintains the most current BIBs versions. 6. Navy COOL has a smart phone app for both Android and iOS. Besides credentialing information, the app also offers BIBs, LaDRs, United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) trades and rating information cards. The app is particularly useful for recruiters and career counselors, especially when on the go or advising potential recruits and Sailors of professional options available. For more information on Navy COOL, visit https://www.cool.navy.mil/usn, or contact a Navy COOL representative at navycool@navy.mil or (850) 452-6683. March/April 2017