Navy Reserves Support NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor for RIMPAC 2016

March 30, 2017 | By LT CALVIN WHITE
BY LT CALVIN WHITE, SC, USN As the key logistics provider for Middle Pacific Region, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Pearl Harbor is responsible for over 29 homeported ships and submarines, as well as any vessel that transits to or from the U.S. mainland through the Pacific Ocean. During the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise, the requirements increase dramatically. Between U.S. and foreign Navy participation, the number of ships berthed in Pearl Harbor increases to nearly 50 vessels. NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor sustains them throughout the duration of the exercise and provides them with superior customer service, or “Service with Aloha!” [capt
VIRIN: 170330-N-ZZ219-6000
] To complete the job, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor called on the Navy Reserves for assistance. NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor has two Reserve units, the Headquarters unit, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Detachment Alpha, located in Denver, Colorado. Combined, the two units are comprised of 35 enlisted personnel and nine officers. However, that figure represents only a small fraction of the Navy Reserve personnel needed to support RIMPAC. As a result, 114 Navy Reservists served a minimum of 14 days this year, and some took nearly 50 days out of their civilian careers and family life to come to NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s aid to provide for the customer – our RIMPAC Sailors. Reserve Sailors supported RIMPAC as forklift drivers, parts couriers, and logistics support representatives. They even served as translators! The Fleet was extremely appreciative of the customer service that NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Reservists provided while they were there. “This was my first port visit as SUPPO, and PO2 Edwin Bernard from NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor Detachment Alpha answered all of my questions and made USS Stockdale’s port visit easy and very successful,” said Lt. Rochelle Rieger. To better support RIMPAC 2015, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor created the Multinational Logistics Support Element (MLSE). The concept was so successful that NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor used it again to support this year’s exercise. The MLSE was headed by Japan, with support from the Australians and the 114 Reservists that supported RIMPAC 2016. The MLSE’s role was vital to the success of RIMPAC’s exercises by delivering parts, fuel, mail, and provisions as needed to any ship or submarine that had been docked at the piers in Pearl Harbor. The MLSE acted as the cog, and its functionality is expected to multiply for NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor support to RIMPAC for many years to come. Without the contributions provided by the Naval Reserve Force, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor would have been unable to fully execute its support mission during RIMPAC 2016. In all, 2,424 man-days (or 20,212 hours) of support were provided by the Reservists. Their combined endeavors played an instrumental role in completing a successful RIMPAC 2016. January/February 2017

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