Jan. 26, 2015 | By scnewsltr
Most Sailors have probably been faced with trying to determine if a Hazardous Material (HM) product can be stored next to another HM product. HM is used every day throughout the Navy in maintenance, preservation, cleaning and upkeep of all Navy assets. Hazardous Material Control & Management (HMC&M) is one of the most critical and diverse Product and Service (P&S) lines provided by Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistic Services (GLS) and the NAVSUP Fleet Logistic Centers (FLC) worldwide.
VIRIN: 150126-N-ZZ219-2724
NAVSUP GLS developed the CCP concept and with the joint partnership of Naval Sea Systems Command, INSURV, Safety Center, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, and Type Commanders, CCP became a reality that will be coming soon to all U.S. Navy ships. Due to the corrosive, reactive, and flammable “hazardous” nature of these products, special care is required. It is each Sailor’s responsibility to determine which materials may be stored together and simultaneously segregate those which may not to minimize the risk of an unfavorable reaction. This is both a manual and time consuming process with the potential for human error. To reduce chance of human error, in addition to minimizing other storage issues, the CCP was developed and HICSWIN updated to 3.0. The CCP is a system that color codes national stock numbers (NSNs) by HCC groups that have been determined compatible for storage. The program is user friendly and takes into account color blind personnel. Storage locations are color coded during the implementation process and NSN that match the color are placed within the corresponding locations. HICSWIN 3.0 takes the CCP one step further and allows for a chemical compatibility report to be run at the durations defined by the Hazardous Material Officer (HAZMO) or the supervisor. A warning comes up during receipt or transfer of material if locations and materials are incompatible. Every ship has a Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program (CHRIMP) Technician, and the CHRIMP Techs are spearheading this initiative and implementation of these two critical systems across all Naval ship classes in all homeports. All ships will be implemented into CCP and upgraded to HICSWIN 3.0. If you have any questions please ask your assigned CHRIMP Tech or the NAVSUP GLS HM Lead. By Jehdia Bottinelli, NAVSUP Global Logistics Support