Officer Plans Division (P3) Functions and Roles

Jan. 26, 2015 | By scnewsltr
When you think of the NAVSUP Office of Personnel in Millington, perhaps the first visions that come to mind are of the “Pit” with detailers feverishly writing orders and answering phone calls from around the globe, or perhaps of the Pit Boss and Capt. Daniels adding the finishing touches to the upcoming Roadshow presentation. You would be thinking of the Officer Detailing Division (P1). If you manage to drift out of the foggy mist emanating from the Pit, there is another division of officers working to provide the highest level of customer service and the most up-to-date career information to Supply Corps (SC) officers. They strive to impart tailored advice and assist with a variety of topics, to include career opportunities and guidance, record accuracy and maintenance, and securing the best and brightest officers for the next generation of our community. If you ever wondered who was responsible for these roles and functions, here’s your introduction to the Officer Plans Division (P3) team led by Phillip Knauss, Director of Officer Plans: Reserve Component Program Manager/Career Counselor (P3A) • SC New Accessions (Reserve Component) o Processes all Direct Commission Officer (DCO) applicant packages o Manages and maintains the SC DCO accessions database o Board Sponsor for all SC Reserve Officer professional recommendation boards o Coordinates with the Reserve Officer Community Manager (OCM), ensuring that proper levels of manpower procurement, distribution, and data analysis are maintained • Navy Veteran (NAVET) Affiliation (Active Duty to Reserve Component) o Provides guidance to Active Duty SC officers seeking to affiliate with the Reserves • Basic Qualification Course (BQC) – Navy Reserve; coordinates with NSCS Reserve Director on rotational planning and course quota placement for all SC Reserve new accession officers, lateral transfer officers and re-designated officers for Reserve Supply Corps Officers-in-Training (3165) • SC Selected Reserve Program Manager o Responsible for the administration, billet maintenance/quality control and Additional Qualification Designation (AQD) and Navy Officer Billet Classification (NOBC) codes o Implements and publishes program policies o Board Sponsor and coordinator of administrative screening boards • Career Counseling o Advises SC Reserve officers with professional concerns and career planning o Utilizes Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS) , BUPERS Online (BOL) and other various systems in order to review and research officers’ careers during counseling sessions o Assists in production of all SC Career Counselor publications, to include the “Navy Supply Corps Reserve Component Career Guide”, Supply Corps Directory, NAVSUP OP Roadshow, Supply Corps Newsletters, OP Monthly, select NAVSUP Flashes, and a multitude of other career guidance products available online • Records Maintenance o Serves as the Reserve SC SME on all aspects of records maintenance o Researches, interprets and applies laws, regulations and guidelines during the review of records for missing data such as awards, NOBCs, AQDs, subspecialty codes, Fitness Reports (FITREPS) and education o Coordinates with various departments within Navy Personnel Command (NPC) on all Reserve SC officer record updates Supply Corps Career Counselor (P31) Assistant Supply Corps Career Counselor (P31A) • Career counseling o Advises officers with professional concerns and career planning o Produces and maintains up to date career information communications o “It’s Your Career” playbook series o Supply Corps Directory o Assists with NAVSUP OP Roadshow o Supply Corps Newsletter “OP and You” o NAVSUP OP Monthly o Career counselor website • Records maintenance o The “One-stop shop” for all your records maintenance information o Researches and interprets guidance for assignment of missing AQDs, subspecialty codes, FITREPs, awards, ODCs, OSRs, and PSRs o Coordinates within Navy Personnel Command (NPC) on all required updates • Board support o Administratively supports all SC administrative boards to include the SC Post Graduate Education Screen, SC Commander Operational/ Command Ashore Screen and Supply Corps Major Command Ashore Screen o Board sponsor for the SC Training with Industry (TWI) board • Program management o Manages NAVSUP executive development program (EDP) to include establishing and enforcing policy, negotiating school quotas and pricing, slating officers based on funding and eligibility parameters, executing the budget, liaising with universities to ensure successful program execution, maintaining applicable database inputs and facilitating records updates upon course completion o Manages CIVINS (810/811) and TWI programs Accessions Officer (P32C) • SC New accessions (active duty) o Processes all applicant packages o Coordinates with the Officer Community Manager (OCM) for manpower procurement, distribution, and data analysis • Basic Qualification Course detailer; managing quota control, lateral transfers, and re-designated officers • NAVSUP Internship Program Manager o Administers intern billet AQDs and subspecialty codes o Implements and publishes intern program policies o Assists in placement of intern selectees • Advises officers with career planning and record maintenance Manpower Analyst (P32A1) • Maintains Activity Manpower Documents (AMDs) and Total Force Manpower Management System (TFMMS) for NAVSUP military billets • Manages all NAVSUP billet changes o AQD, subspecialty codes, NEC, designator, rank, etc. … o Billet moves, additions, deletions due to the POM process • Maintains the SC officer database and annual SC officer directory Diversity Program Manager (P32B) • Serves as SC community program manager for diversity • Provides advice and recommendations to the Supply OCM • Performs annual accessions planning, advancement planning and quota development • Conducts analysis and provides recommendations on manpower policies and programs As evident in the list of functions, the P3 team is an integral and extremely valuable part of OP as we execute our mission of delivering unparalleled support to the Supply Corps community. By Lt. Cmdr. Allen Owens, SC, USN, Supply Corps Career Counselor