Supply Placement Officer

Jan. 26, 2015 | By scnewsltr
The objective of the Placement Officer is to ensure a proposed assignment represents the best possible match between an officer’s needs and the current needs of the Navy. Individual Placement Officers have cognizance over a set of billets under the authority of a specific Navy activity; they are focused on meeting the needs of a command. Each placement officer must review the billets within his/her area of responsibility referred to as the Cognizance (COG) code, a two-digit identifier associated with each billet 12 to 18 months in advance. Billets staffed by incumbent officers who have an approaching Projected Rotation Date (PRD) represent the pool of billets to which officers must be assigned. The billet incumbents represent the pool of officers who need new assignments. Once an officer is chosen from a list of available officers, the placement officer then weighs the billet requirements against the officer’s past experience and performance. These requirements can include rank, designator, subspecialties, and any additional qualification designators needed by an officer to assume duties in the billet and perform the job. The placement officer is also responsible for the development of the training track and intermediate stops (I-stops) en route. After determining the officer’s training requirements, the Placement Officer constructs a tentative en route training schedule that matches the established Estimated Date of Departure (EDD) and Estimated Date of Arrival (EDA) time period and meets the training requirement(s). The desired outcome of matching an officer to a billet is an assignment proposal. Once the proposal is made, the placement official will either accept or reject the proposal after comparing the proposed officer’s qualification and capabilities with the requirements of the posted billet. If approved by the Gaining Placement Officer the orders are then released to the Losing Placement Officer who is responsible for the billet the proposed officer is leaving. When the Losing Placement Officer approves an acceptable relief for the billet, authorization to release the proposed officer will be granted. The proposal is then routed back to the Assignment Officer (detailer), for further processing. It is important to understand that the distribution process is cyclic in nature: the assignment of an officer to a billet results in the current billet incumbent becoming available for reassignment. By Hazel Robinson-Bell, Supply Placement Officer