New Overseas/Remote Duty Screening Policy

Jan. 26, 2015 | By scnewsltr
NAVADMIN 203/14 (R 022044Z SEP 14) announced changes to the overseas screening process. The message states, “Effective immediately, the new process will require the service member to complete the overseas screening process with the service member’s command and medical treatment facility (MTF) prior to the release of the service member’s PCS orders.” Previously, service members and their dependents commenced the overseas screening upon receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The previous policy delayed Sailors and their dependents from completing overseas screenings in a timely manner. Operational manning was negatively impacted when a service member or their dependents were found unsuitable for overseas assignment within a 90-day window of the expected date of arrival (EDA), potentially leading to a gapped billet until a suitable replacement is identified. The new Overseas Screening Process is detailed as follows: 1) Detailers will propose or “PROP” orders in the Officer Assignment Information System (OAIS). 2) Based on the PROP, a Letter of Intent (LOI) is automatically generated and sent via naval message to the member’s detaching command. 3) Commands are required to acknowledge receipt of LOI via email. Responses must be sent to 4) Member works with transferring command to contact local MTF IOT obtain an appointment for overseas screening for themselves and dependent(s), as applicable. 5) Member has 30 days while dependents have 60 days to complete the overseas screening. 6) Screening complete. Once a suitability determination for the member and dependents are submitted via BUPERS Online (BOL), the member’s order routing process will continue. 7) LOI cancellation message will be generated and sent to the members’ detaching command in the event the detailer deletes the overseas PROP. Failure to complete the screening in the allotted period of time may result in cancellation of orders, subjecting the member to a “needs of the Navy” hot fill assignment without further negotiation. Time extension waivers and delinquency waivers will be staffed through and approved/disapproved by PERS-4. For further guidance, please direct questions to Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Customer Service Center, at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672) or via email at By Lt. Cmdr. Jay Ramsey, SC, USN; Lieutenant Operational and Postgraduate School Detailer