Supply Enlisted Community Manager

Jan. 26, 2015 | By scnewsltr
Although colocated in Millington, Tennessee, the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) and Bureau of Personnel 3 (BUPERS-3) are separate organizations with unique missions which are each critical entities in managing the Navy’s human resources. NPC PERS-405, as advocates for the Sailor, is responsible for detailing, extending or changing planned rotation dates and setting policy that governs distribution and placement. PERS-4013 is the advocate for the commands. They are responsible for the Ships/Unit Manning Documents (SMD/UMD) and prioritizing billets in Career Management System Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID). BUPERS-3 is responsible for officer and enlisted community management for Active, Full Time Support (FTS) and Selective Reserve Components. Community Managers are the advocate for the ratings and the Navy. Their roles cover planning for accession, promotion, advancement, retention, lateral transfer, training and force shaping for community health to meet the manning needs of the Navy. As community managers, we are focused on providing sustainable inventories of personnel with the requisite skills to perform the mission of their rating. We achieve this through careful accession planning. Various force shaping tools are utilized as needed with an objective to maintain a balanced inventory between 98 and 102 percent of authorized manning per year group. Biannually we receive a demand signal via the Enlisted Programmed Authorizations (EPA) which stimulates the need to make adjustments or maintain the existing accessions plan. Another vital role that Community Managers execute is setting the advancement quotas. ECMs diligently research each of the ratings to identify known and future losses (retirements, separations, conversions) as well as any personnel that are incorrectly counting against a supply rating inventory. This enables maximum advancement opportunity for the March and September Navy Wide Advancement Exam cycles as well as the E7-E9 advancement opportunity. The most significant program change that Sailors and leadership need to be aware of is the migration from Perform to Serve (PTS) to Career Navigator (C-NAV), the new cornerstone for the Navy’s Human Resource strategy. A subset of (C-NAV) is the IT system, Career Waypoints (C-WAY). Enlisted Community Managers utilize C-WAY to control quotas for each year group of every rating across the Navy. This program is the mechanism for Sailors to communicate important career decisions such as reenlistment, PACT designation, conversion to another rating, and transition between active and reserve components. It is imperative that commands are conducting Career Development Boards with all Sailors and that they and the Command Career Counselors are familiar with the C-WAY timelines and options. For more information about the C-WAY process visit the NPC website at or contact the C-WAY help desk at (901) 874-2102; DSN 882-2102 or 882 5672;               or email By Cmdr. Michelle Williams, SC, USN, Office of Supply Corps Personnel