NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Oct. 22, 2014 | By scnewsltr
    Parents from NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Jacksonville and its surrounding local sites participated in the Annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day, sponsored by the Second Class Petty Officer Association July 24.     The event gave the kids an opportunity to learn about their parents’ daily activities and how working for the federal government in a military or civilian capacity can provide a unique working environment.     The children participated in numerous activities such as meeting the commanding officer, executive director, executive officer, and command master chief, getting their fingerprints taken by NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville security, and visiting a special group of military police that work with Military Working Dogs (MWD) at Naval Air Station Jacksonville’s security department.     The children learned more about the MWD through a question and answer session provided by Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Erick Ortiz and Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Arthur Vaughan, who serve as dog handlers. Immediately after, the children saw the MWD in action, Ortiz gave commands to his MWD as he ran through the obedience course, and with the assistance of Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Bryan Chiverton, who played the decoy, demonstrated how the MWD assists law enforcement personnel in deterring aggressors.     “I think it is nice to allow your kids to come to your work, see what it is you do, and visit the kennel to see the military working dogs,” said Yeoman 2nd Class Diana McFadden, coordinator for the event. “They may not understand what it is their parents do, until they see what they do every day to support our fleet.” By Victor Mangome Jr.; NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Corporate Communications