Naval Logistics Integration … Enabling Seabased Operations and Supporting Naval Expeditionary Forces

July 31, 2014 | By scnewsltr
    Maybe you’ve heard of Naval Logistics Integration, or NLI. Maybe you know how it relates to the Maritime Strategy, Naval Operations Concept, and warfighting capabilities. Or maybe it’s all new to you. The purpose of this article is to explain the vision, mission, importance, and end state of NLI, as well as provide up-to-date information on current initiatives, while exemplifying the Supply Corps’ involvement. Supply Corps Involvement     NAVSUP HQ has the lead on the billet exchange program between the United States Marine Corps and the Navy Supply Corps. The objective of the initiative is to create synergies where we as professional logisticians can enable and learn from best practices to enhance the supply chain. By not owning the supply chain but influencing it based on our national and strategic partners, we have made great strides to provide information and experience sharing at a multitude of levels. Here is a short run-down of some of the billet exchanges. Navy Supply Corps officers are stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Command in Albany, Georgia. and Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, Virginia. In addition, there is a Navy Supply Corps officer at each of the Marine Corps Air Wings and Marine Corps Forces Pacific and Atlantic. The Marine Corps has Logistics Officers at NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, and on the staffs of Surfaces Forces Pacific and Atlantic. This summer there will be Marine Corps enlisted expeditors added to the staffs at Fleet Logistics Centers Sigonella, Bahrain and Yokosuka. NLI – Expeditionary Logistics (EXLOG)     Curriculum Update: Headquarters Marine Corps Logistics Policy and Vision (HQMC LPV-1) representatives met with OPNAV and NAVSUP stakeholders to review the way ahead for transitioning ARG/MEU NLI pre-deployment training responsibility to the Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG) and Expeditionary Warfare Training Groups (EWTGs). OPNAV and NAVSUP concurred with the planned approach and offered Navy support in developing an EXLOG curriculum incorporating instruction from historical NLI pre-deployment training. Navy participants attended the Logistics Advocacy Training and Education (T&E) Operational Advisory Group (OAG) meeting May 5-9 at Camp Pendleton, California.     Please note that the NLI Playbook will undergo a revision from March-September 2014. Edition-4 will update information in existing annexes based on lessons learned and will incorporate additional annexes/appendices as approved by the NLI service action officers. The current edition was published in October 2012 as a reference guide for naval logisticians containing tactics, techniques and procedures for developing and executing logistics plans in support of naval expeditionary forces operating at sea or ashore. Your feedback is important!     We are interested in feedback on NLI from both the operating forces and supporting establishment. All members of the Navy – Marine Corps – Coast Guard team are encouraged to submit logistics integration topics to the NLI Governance for consideration as an NLI initiative. Topics should exhibit high potential for realizing at least one of the following qualities: Improved logistics responsiveness and agility, improved/sustained combat support readiness, reduced logistics workload afloat/ashore, and/or improved efficiencies - cost reductions. Please send all feedback to By Maj. William Slack, USMC; Fleet Engagement Team Lead, Naval Supply Systems Command