Moral Excellence

July 31, 2014 | By scnewsltr
Principles Do Good: Respect the dignity of all persons ... Treat every person with respect. Appreciate differing viewpoints and opinions. Value diversity. Contribute to a healthy work environment. Set the example. Do Right: Obey authority ... Respect and obey the law and carry out duty and responsibilities in accordance with legislation, regulations, policies and directives. Do what is Honorable: Make ethics a part of all decisions and behaviors ... Work together with openness, honesty and transparency. Be honest, work hard, protect government assets. Know the limits of your duties, responsibilities, and discretion. Do not use your Government position for private gain. Act impartially, do not give preferential treatment to anyone. Avoid conflicts of interest between your government position and outside activities and organizations. Avoid any actions that create the appearance that you are violating the law or the ethical standards. Values Honor ... Always act with honesty and truthfulness. Be dependable. Avoid conflicts of interest. Maintain the trust and respect of your superiors, peers, and subordinates. Remain dedicated to justice. Courage ... Face Challenges with determination and strength of character. Make the best choice amongst difficult alternatives. Reach out to colleagues and supervisors to assist in decision-making. Speak up to avoid improper actions. Remember, you are responsible and accountable for your decisions and actions. Report unethical conduct. Continually strive to improve. Commitment ... Effectively and efficiently use public resources. Consider the full impact of your actions. Once you make a decision, commit to it and execute. Continually strive to improve. Promote teamwork, improvement, and innovation. Speak up to offer ideas and encourage others to do the same.