AQD 92E – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate

March 10, 2014 | By scnewsltr
  What is it?  It is an Additional Qualification Designation (AQD) code assigned to officers who have earned an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate within the Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) suite from Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus Online or equivalent ERP within the Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) suite certificate from an accredited university.  Penn State World Campus Online Course Listing for ERP Certification (3 of 4 courses required):  MIS 404/497C – Introduction to ERP and Business Processes SCM 445 – Operations Planning and Control SCM 460 – Purchasing and Materials Management SCM 465 – Electronic Business Management  Who is eligible to earn 92E?  92E will be awarded to either Active Component or Reserve Component officers who complete ERP with SAP Certification training.  There are no specific billet requirements to complete the training.  Officers selected for Business Enterprise Supply Chain Management (BEM) internship will complete the ERP certificate training and subsequently earn the AQD as part of their internship tour.  How is the training funded?  Options for funding include:   (1) The Supply Corps established the Business Enterprise Supply Chain Management Internship development program with centralized funding for the ERP training (funded by NAVSUP Business Systems Command BSC).  Officers completing the intern program will receive the 92E AQD. (2) A Navy command may determine an officer requires the experience and training called out in the AQD to satisfy a particular mission.  As such, the command may fund travel and training for the officer.  (3) An officer may choose to place the training on their Individual Development Plan (IDP) and request funding from their local command or to personally fund and earn an ERP certificate from Penn State, or an equivalent institution.  Why is 92E important?  Navy ERP allows users to track every aspect of a business within one integrated interface.  As the Navy’s business managers, it is imperative that the Supply Corps develop and maintain a business expertise that will enable it to optimize the supply chain and financial systems.  This certification helps us create autonomous and resourceful military logisticians who will skillfully maintain mission readiness through operational logistics, supply chain management, and acquisition capabilities.  For more information, contact us at By Lt. j.g. Jennifer Traul, SC, USN Assistant Supply Corps Career Counselor, Navy Personnel Command