NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain Leads Basewide Clean-up and Reutilization Initiative

Nov. 12, 2019 | By JAVANI G. JONES, Office of Corporate Communications, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain

BY JAVANI G. JONES, Office of Corporate Communications, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Bahrain

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Bahrain is leading a basewide initiative to ensure proper disposition and reutilization of items on Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain.  The initiative started in February 2019 and will continue for the foreseeable future.

NAVSUP FLC Bahrain is supporting the Navywide initiative to clean bases for the environmental restoration program. The program is geared toward freeing up much-needed space on U.S. Navy installations, creating a more hospitable environment for Sailors and their families.

Leading the efforts is NAVSUP FLC Bahrain’s Regional Supply Officer, Lt. Collin Wood. As a regional supply officer, he has directly advised and assisted NSA Bahrain’s leadership with logistical support for disposition and reutilization. He is using his unique supply officer skillset and resources to achieve a more welcoming base for all hands at NSA Bahrain.

The primary goal of the environmental restoration program is to make use of longstanding items, saving the Navy money. In a short time, the cleanup efforts have discovered more than 8,400 pounds of materiel to be recycled.

“I’m proud of the difference I’m making at NSA Bahrain. A cleaner base makes for a cleaner environment, which improves morale for all branches of services and our allies in this very unique area of operations,” said Wood.

Wood has fostered greater dialogue and working relationships between tenant commands on NSA Bahrain through the reutilization efforts. One example is surplus tactical gear that Navy Surface Squadron (CNSS-5) had no use for. Wood found out that the Navy Seabees needed of such items for training purposes. He then negotiated the transfer of numerous items to the Seabees for practice maneuvers and to reuse existing materiel. Ultimately, coordinating these reuse efforts has saved over $65,000 by repurposing used and abandoned materiel.

The most unique item discovered during the clean-up efforts was a collapsible guard tower from Operation Iraqi Freedom. The tower had been on base for about 15 years and is currently in the process of being properly disposed of as scrap metal.

Proper materiel disposal provides a cleaner base and a better place to live and work. NAVSUP FLC Bahrain continues to improve the quality of life in a diverse theater of operations.

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