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Providing Warfighter Logistics Excellence, the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Way

Oct. 25, 2019 | By MICHAEL JONES, DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

BY MICHAEL JONES, DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime is the headquarters for DLA’s Land and Maritime supply chains with more than 2,500 employees in 37 locations around the world. It manages 1.9 million items, and supports more than 15,000 customers throughout the military services, civil agencies, and other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. DLA Land and Maritime awards over 660,000 contracts, supports more than 2,000 weapon systems, and handles more than 9 million orders annually, with fiscal year 2018 sales topping $3.5 billion. The Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) installation operated by DLA Land and Maritime and DLA Installation Support Columbus leverages the resources of state, federal and defense organizations such as the Ohio National Guard, the Veterans Administration Clinic, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, which are co-located on or near the site. Focusing on its primary warfighter support mission, DSCC’s workforce initiated a thorough re-examination and strengthening of all logistics procurement policies and practices. That internal effort generated the energy to drive noticeable performance improvements in numerous servicing areas such as contract award increases, improved support to the warfighter, and marked achievements in materiel availability.

VIRIN: 191025-N-XZ219-0222

Consumables Sector

BY CAPT. DAVE LOCKNEY, Director, Maritime Customer Operations, DLA Land and Maritime

Support for the Class IX consumables of our maritime weapon systems comes primarily from DLA Land and Maritime located in Columbus, Ohio. Maritime readiness is sustained through our maritime customer operations and maritime supplier operations directorates led by Supply Corps captains.  As the face to the Navy and the suppliers, they manage 1.6 million items across 24,000 customers receiving 3.3 million requisitions annually.

Critical to maintaining readiness and supporting the maritime components are the weapon system support managers (WSSMs) and supply chain points of contact (SCPOC) within maritime customer and supplier operations.  Maritime customer operations has seven WSSMs working 493 Navy weapon systems. The WSSMs help resolve weapon systems issues that are impacted by DLA items through coordination with customers, and acting as the liaison between the customer and DLA. A WSSMs’ most important role includes coordination with Navy program offices to develop materiel and logistics support requirements, development of weapon system logistics support plans, collecting business intelligence from customer requirements, and educating customers about DLA’s services and capabilities.  Embedded within maritime supplier operations are two SCPOC cells that handle urgent requirements and special projects in support of the warfighter. The SCPOCs are essential to successful execution of customer requirements translating Navy priorities to the appropriate supply chain in order to deliver critical materiel. The cells are staffed by teams of life cycle logistics experts experienced in all areas of DLA operations and supply chain management.

Forward Execution

BY LT. CMDR. RYAN DIPAOLO, Division Chief, NRP and Operating Forces, Maritime Customer Operations, DLA Land and Maritime

Without DLA, the United States would not be able to project power worldwide at a moment’s notice. Every DLA associate plays a crucial role in the mission of logistics excellence; however, the most vital team members are the DLA customer support representatives (CSRs) who provide DLA’s forward presence.

CSRs execute a customer-facing mission embedded within commands such as Commander Naval Surface Force, United States Pacific Fleet, and Commander Naval Surface Force, Atlantic Fleet. Since they are imbedded with operational staffs, they work requirements directly alongside the warfighter, providing 24/7 assistance to operational units. CSRs are committed to providing superior logistics support, and are charged with delivering quality customer assistance. Whether it is ordering procedures, recognizing DLA materiel, understanding status information, assisting with a materiel outstanding file, or expediting materiel, CSRs ensure our customers are ready to deploy. Their outstanding customer support reflect the standards that have helped establish DLA’s exceptional reputation for delivering world-class logistics support to America’s military services.

Shipyard Support

BY LT. CMDR. MIKE LABBE, Industrial Readiness Chief, DLA Land and Maritime Land and Maritime

As a Joint weapons system inventory control point, DLA Land and Maritime also provides customer support to sustain and enhance materiel readiness for Navy industrial activities.  This includes wholesale supply support of the industrial mission through the Maritime Customer Operations Industrial Readiness Cell (IRC), as well as direct industrial supply support at the four Navy public shipyards through the DLA Land and Maritime shipyard detachments. 

Led by Supply Corps commander officers in charge, DLA shipyard detachments serve as Land and Maritime’s customer facing component embedded with the shipyard.  DLA shipyard detachments are the lead customer relationship management representative providing acquisition services for non-standard materiel requirements and integrated logistical solutions to meet the Navy’s Class IX industrial requirements. The IRC addresses strategic operations supporting all maritime maintenance and availabilities as well as collaborating across DLA’s supply chains and distribution centers to deliver emergent requirements and industrial readiness solutions.

Depot Level Repairables Detachments

BY CAPT. JEFF SCHMIDT, Director, Maritime Supplier Operations, DLA Land and Maritime

DLA Land and Maritime has four depot level repairable (DLR) detachments; two that directly support Navy customers. DLA Land at Aberdeen, Maryland, provides sustainment support to the Department of the Navy (DoN) through its DLA-Raytheon Corporate Contract. This contract offers holistic, full-spectrum sustainment support to the Navy, as well as other military service customers.  This nine-year long-term contract has a $2 billion ceiling and a scalable scope, enabling DLA to procure components for any of the approximately 200 Raytheon systems used by the DoD.

As one of DLA’s more agile contracts, it accommodates incremental growth through an on-ramping feature that expedites the addition of Raytheon systems and components throughout the nine-year contract period. DLA has also used this contract to procure component support for the Navy’s Close-In Weapon System and the E-2 Hawkeye.

DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, co-located with NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (WSS), provides sustainment support to the DoN by contracting for new DLRs for NAVSUP WSS’ surface ships, submarines, carriers and foreign military sales customers. The streamlined contracting solutions provided by DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg has enabled NAVSUP WSS to realize increased supply materiel availability and backorder reduction. In fiscal year 2018, DLA Maritime at Mechanicsburg contracted for more than 15,000 parts, ensuring the Navy’s warfighter will be well equipped for the next battle. The top weapon systems supported are AEGIS, CIWS, and Q70.

Tires for the Navy, New Support Contract for Naval Aviation Tires

BY BROOKE HARDY, Contract Specialist, DLA Land and Maritime

The DLA’s Global Tires Program (GTP) provides supply chain management of tires for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy (ground), and foreign military sales. Support for Navy aircraft tires transferred to GTP August 1, expanding global supply and support to all military customers.  DLA and NAVSUP WSS are working together to ensure a seamless transition.  The GTP leverages a contracted supply-chain integrator model that uses DLA long-term contracts with tire manufacturers and dealers. The contracted integrator, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), maintains warehouse and storage locations globally with materiel procured directly from manufacturers and dealers. GTP is a $2.1 billion program that supports 373 national stock numbered tires and supplies an average of 146,000 tires across the globe each year. GTP is in the first year of a ten-year contract, and SAIC has performed similar work under two previous DLA contracts.

GTP’s delivery metrics for naval aviation national stock numbers are 48 hours within the continental U.S. and 96 hours for deliveries outside the outside the continental U.S.  These are the same metrics supporting aviation customers via Navy’s Tire Performance-Based Logistics Successor contract. Navy customers will requisition tires using the same procedures they use for other DLA items.  GTP also supports the pickup of a select group of aircraft national stock numbers that are authorized to be retreaded or scrapped through the tires program. SAIC will support the pickup of used/scrap tires with arrangements made directly with the Navy customer location. A complete listing of retreaded tires and information on the pickup process can be found by clicking on the “GTP Additional Instructions” link in the “Additional Contract Information” table on the DLA GTP website. Additional guidance will be posted in the in the master repairable item list.

For more information, please visit theDLA GTP website:

Contact information for assistance or questions: DLA Land and Maritime Tires Team:, SAIC 24/7 Customer Service Center: 855-874-SAIC

VIRIN: 191025-N-XZ219-0219

From the DLA Land and Maritime "Gatekeeper" - Interested in Joining the Team?

BY CAPT. JEFF SCHMIDT, Director, Maritime Supplier Operations,
DLA Land and Maritime

Have you been considering a tour at DLA?  Well, there’s a wide variety of options and experiences available. Land and Maritime has a variety of billets – 20 in total, located in Columbus, Ohio, as well as shipyard detachments located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Puget Sound, Washington; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Norfolk, Virginia.

These billets cover a wide range of responsibility and pay-grades; and all provide for high quality experience and visibility.  Additionally, most billets entail a subspecialty coding in either Acquisition or Joint, further improving your overall tour experience. Whether you’re a young lieutenant junior grade looking for a great Navy Acquisition Contracting Officer internship opportunity, or a more seasoned mid-grade officer, don’t overlook the possibilities at DLA Land and Maritime!

For more information, check your detailer’s billet listings, the eSuppo app, or contact Navy Capt. Jeff Schmidt, at

Who You Gonna Call?

BY COLLEEN RICE, Weapon System Support Manager, DLA Land and Maritime

So, who should you call when you need assistance from DLA? That depends. There are various DLA customer contact resolution channels available. The DLA self-help resource located at CustomerSupport/Resources/SelfHelp/ provides easy access to the online tools you need to conduct business with DLA. If you need assistance with a particular requisition or with a national stock number, contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-352-2255 or DLAcontactcenter@

If you have a special project on the horizon, contact your program office POCs who will work with DLA WSSMs to support your project.

Additionally, you can call the DLA Land and Maritime Readiness Office at 614-692-3764.  It is important to remember that DLA is your partner in support of your systems and strives to ensure you have the right part, in the right place, at the right time.

VIRIN: 191025-N-XZ219-0225