Announcing the Vintage Oakleaf Club

Feb. 4, 2019 | By kgabel
The Heritage Committee is beginning an initiative to compile and archive the rich historical impact that our most senior Supply Corps officers have had on our Navy and our community. Called the “The Vintage Oakleaf Club,” members of the committee have put together a list of our most senior Supply Corps officers with their most recent, known contact information and will be contacting each of them, or their associated family members to capture their stories. Information being sought includes name, rank, years of service, tours, post Navy career accomplishments, as well as photos and sea stories. The Heritage Committee will ultimately feature each member in the “Oakleaf,” our website, and in “The Navy Supply Corps Newsletter” for the enrichment and appreciation of our entire Supply Corps community. If you know of any Supply Corps officers that are 90 years and older who we may be able to add to our contact list, contact Capt. Tiffany Schad (Ret.) at Winter 2019