Reserve Supply Corps Leadership Hosts Series of Professional Development Days

Feb. 4, 2019 | By kgabel
By Lt. Cmdr. Eric Gardner, Reserve Supply Corps Community Program Manager Office of Supply Corps Personnel, Naval Supply Systems Command The Navy Supply Corps has a proud history dating back to February 23, 1795. Since the days of sail, supply officers (SUPPOs) have been the stewards of resources for our Navy. The Naval Reserve Force has over 1,000 Supply Corps officers supporting the Navy Reserve’s mission of providing strategic depth and operational capability to the Navy and Joint forces. They are an invaluable part of the supply community that efficiently and effectively does its part to support fleet readiness and lethality while remaining postured to sustain the fight. [caption id="attachment_8758" align="aligncenter" width="520"]
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San Diego, California Reserve Supply Corps PRODEVDAY group photo. –photo by Capt. Eileen Werve   This year the Reserve Supply Corps hosted a series of eight Professional Development Days (PRODEVDAYs) rotated throughout the various Reserve Component command regions. The events were designed for leaders to have an opportunity to mentor and train junior Supply Corps officers on myriad topics including professional development, fleet priorities, and community issues. It also gave everyone an opportunity to interact with Reserve and Full-Time Support (FTS) Supply Corps leadership. The PRODEVDAYs also included briefs from Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command on Junior Officer Apply (JO Apply), information about the Reserve Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge Personnel Qualification Standard (CO/OIC PQS), and training on fitness report (FITREP) and evaluation writing. As a conclusion to the event, officers participated in an operational planning exercise designed to increase their knowledge of contingency planning from a logistics perspective. The Reserve Supply Corps career counselor position is heavily involved in the PRODEVDAYs. It’s important for our community that our subject matter experts get out, share information and actively engage in mentoring. We are fully dedicated to helping them succeed and we are among the most talented and diverse organizations in the Navy. These events are an excellent opportunity to meet peers and leaders from the community along with others from your geographic region, while also sharing information and networking. [caption id="attachment_8759" align="aligncenter" width="520"]
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Williamsburg, Virginia Reserve Supply Corps PRODEVDAY group photo. –photo by Capt. Eileen Werve   “It’s an excellent opportunity for our senior and junior Reserve supply officers to get together and talk about issues in the community, participate in mentoring, and increase their professional knowledge,” said Lt. Cmdr. Treven Feleciano, the Reserve Supply Corps Officer Community Manager at BUPERS 3. Lt. Cmdr. Darcia Treadwell, NAVSUP, Operational Support officer said, “The Reserve Supply Corps PRODEVDAYs capitalize on the concept of “For Us, By Us.” Senior Reserve Supply Corps officers are afforded the opportunity of engaging with junior officers, for one to two days. The topics are consistent throughout the various regions. PRODEVDAYs are centered on the education and professional development of our junior officers- we are armed with the tools necessary to enhance our knowledge base, while at the same time being challenged to grow and develop others.” [caption id="attachment_8760" align="aligncenter" width="620"]
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Reserve Supply Corps PRODEVDAY group photo. –photo by Cmdr. Mike Pettola   One of the Atlanta attendees, Ensign Brandon Miller recently started his career as a Direct Commission Officer (DCO). Miller stated, “As a newly appointed officer within the Supply Corps, attending the event was very rewarding. The event started out Friday evening with a social event, a great event to meet the fellow SUPPOs from the region. During PRODEVDAYs, we discussed many aspects of the Navy and Supply Corps, discussing many up and coming changes and also discussed some of the current issues we are facing as an organization. The greatest experience to take away from the event is the opportunity to network and meet with mentors from the community. I highly recommend that all junior SUPPOs attend PRODEVDAYs.” “The Supply Corps community is a team,” said Rear Adm. Jacquelyn McClelland, Reserve director, Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance, U.S. Pacific Fleet. “And like all teams, the PRODEVDAYs afford us [Reservists] the opportunity to get together to discuss recent community updates and Navywide strategies, increase our professional expertise through practical exercises and briefs as well as, provide mentoring and career guidance to junior officers. The turnout at the PRODEVDAYs was tremendous! I simply couldn’t be prouder of the energy and enthusiasm shown by these officers who are eager to take on any challenge in support of the fleet and worldwide operations.” [caption id="attachment_8761" align="aligncenter" width="620"]
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FTS Supply officers with Rear Adm. McClelland at the Philadelphia PRODEVDAY in July. Left to right: Lt. Cmdr. Eric Gardner, Lt. Cmdr. Darcia Treadwell, Cmdr. Jim Zolinski, Rear Adm. Jackie McClelland, Cmdr. Onofrio Margioni, Lt. Cmdr Anisa Dominguez, Cmdr. John Evans, Capt. Roger Musselman. –photo by Cmdr. Mike Pettola   Rear Adm. McClelland is the Reserve Supply Corps Flag Sponsor for the 2018 PRODEVDAY program. For more information on career management and record maintenance in the Reserve and FTS Supply Corps please contact the Career Counselor at or (717) 605-7457. Winter 2019