NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Navy Food Management Team Holds Pit Master Class

Dec. 29, 2017 | By kgabel
BY TOM KREIDEL OFFICE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS NAVSUP FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER NORFOLK NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk Navy Food Management Team (NFMT) held a pit master class for shipboard and shore based culinary specialists June 20-22. According to Chief Culinary Specialist Steven Collier, an instructor with NAVSUP FLC Norfolk NFMT, the course is designed to teach the basics of grilling and how to prepare food for a shipboard steel beach picnic. “Grilling is not a common cooking type aboard a ship, but it is a necessary skill,” he added. “A steel beach picnic is vital to crew morale while underway.” He added that for deployed Sailors, events like steel beach picnics are “a little piece of home.” The charcoal grilling section is the highlight of the course, but Collier says they teach other important skills such as recipe conversion, using knives, advanced culinary techniques and food preparation worksheet training. “This class is great, it gives me the ability to educate Sailors and pass on the knowledge that others gave to me throughout my career,” he said. Collier added that his favorite part of teaching classes like this is watching the students learn and grow during the course of a class. “If each Sailor takes at least one thing they learned here and applies it to their shipboard life, I consider it an overall success,” he explained. NAVSUP FLC Norfolk NFMT provides a variety of classes throughout the year for ship and shore-based Sailors. Classes include sanitation, food service equipment, baking, cake decorating, and a host of other topics. November/December 2017