NAVSUP FLC San Diego CO Presents ‘Honor, Courage, and Commitment’ Awards at Middle School Graduation Ceremony

Dec. 29, 2017 | By kgabel
BY CANDICE VILLARREAL, OFFICE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS NAVSUP FLEET LOGISITCS CENTER SAN DIEGO NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) San Diego presented three students with “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” awards during an eighth-grade promotion ceremony in San Diego last June. Commanding Officer Capt. Michelle Morse, the ceremony’s guest speaker, presented the accolades following her personal message to the Roosevelt International Baccalaureate Middle School class of 2017. The Honor, Courage and Commitment awards were presented to three students. “This recognition and your graduation today prove your ability to strive for something more, to work hard - even when it’s inconvenient - and to achieve your goals and be successful,” said Morse. “That is a very, very big deal.” A crowd of 330 eighth graders along with their families, friends, teachers and administrators listened intently as Morse offered congratulatory remarks and personal advice for the jovial soon-to-be freshmen. She emphasized the value in integrity, diversity, perseverance, and compassion during her address, in addition to offering motivating bits of advice. “Today, as you’re excited and ready to move forward, I ask you all to look inside yourselves and ask the question, ‘Who do I want to be?’” said Morse. “This question, as simple as it sounds, and is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. What you do over the next four years–starting right this moment–can determine who you’re going to be and what kind of life you’re going to live.” Morse added that the grades students earn over the next four years can determine what their college opportunities will be, and their personal conduct will likely play a role in shaping their character as adults. “Your next four years of life are absolutely crucial to laying the foundation for your future,” she said. The presentation of the honors realized the chain of command’s desire to recognize students who personify the traits, character and ideals consistent with Navy core values. NAVSUP FLC San Diego has been presenting the awards to outstanding students at Roosevelt’s graduation ceremonies since 2011. “Push yourself to be who you know you are capable of being. Dare yourself to be more than average. Force yourself to be better than you ever thought you could be. Because that, my friends, is exactly what your teachers have prepared you for,” said Morse. “So, go ahead and leave this school and make your way onto a new campus, but don’t ever forget what you’ve learned here. Go out and find your path to success. Just make sure you enjoy the journey on the way.” Roosevelt is a designated command Partner in Education, in line with the Navy’s outreach and accession goals. Since its inception, the partnership between NAVSUP FLC San Diego and Roosevelt has yielded exceptional results. The command collaborates regularly with the school year-round on a variety of projects and initiatives centered on academic performance, diversity, facility beautification, and mentoring. November/December 2017