Operational Logistics (OPLOG) Additional Qualification Designations (AQD) 9L1 and 9L2

Dec. 28, 2017 | By kgabel
To identify, track, and effectively assign officers who have demonstrated OPLOG experience, the Supply Corps has established Additional Qualification Designation (AQD) codes 9L1 and 9L2. AQD 9L1 will identify officers who have completed one proven OPLOG tour and will be represented by code OPLOGOFF1 on the Officer Data Card. AQD 9L2 will identify officers who have completed two or more proven OPLOG tours and will be represented by OPLOGOFF2 on the Officer Data Card. Awarding criteria for AQDs 9L1 and 9L2 can be found in volume I, part D of the Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications (October 2017 release). Officers who believe their experience qualifies them for assignment of AQD 9L1 or 9L2 must apply for award in writing. Requests should be sent to supplycorpscareercounselor@navy.mil and must include command endorsement (template is available on the Supply Corps Career Counselor web page or in the Sample Letters and Packages screen in eSUPPO). AQDs will be awarded based solely on performance of duties documented in the officer’s Fitness Reports. Officers will be expected to have served 18 consecutive months in a qualifying assignment. Exceptions may be considered under unique circumstances, such as a 12-month assignment to a qualifying tour. For additional information about AQDs 9L1 or 9L2, please contact the Career Counselor by email using supplycorpscareercounselor@navy.mil or by telephone, 901-874-4626. November/December 2017