NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Upgrades Training Gear

Sept. 8, 2016 | By kgabel
VIRIN: 160908-N-ZZ219-4998
The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk Navy Cash® Fleet Support Group completed an upgrade to the Navy Cash® equipment used to train ship’s servicemen and support the curri culum requirements at the Center for Service Support, Training Site Norfolk April 25. According to Hugh Chin, Navy Cash Support Group analyst, the upgrades included a new Navy Cash® laptop, a card accepting device for vending machines and point of sale devices so the Center for Service Support, Training Site Norfolk can simulate payments at a register. “This equipment allows hands-on training while simulating the actual setup on a ship,” Chin explained. He added the equipment provides students with training tools to simulate how to conduct daily business, end-of-month closeouts and troubleshooting steps for Navy Cash®. “It provides us with the most up-to-date system in the Fleet, making it more relatable to our students,” said Ship’s Serviceman 1st Class Tyler Gregory, instructor at the Center for Service Support, training Site Norfolk. “The students are now able to put what they have seen others do on their ship into action by being trained on why we do it this way, and to make sure the way actions are being performed is the correct way.” He added this helps teach students the steps necessary to be able to indicate end of day and end of month and the steps to print merchant summary and detailed reports. According to Chin, Navy Cash® accounts for more than 90 percent of payments for merchandise sold aboard ships. This adds up to more than $1.5 million each month for the 135 ships serviced. Training helps record keepers and cashiers understand the day-to-day functions of the system and how to perform sales, assist customers, process refunds, and obtain reports. “Training like this allows them to decrease downtime and improve accountability,” he concluded. Gregory added that when the Fleet gets an upgrade to a shipboard system, it’s important training schools do so as well so that the students can learn how to apply the correct steps to the correct system. July/August 2016