Let's Get Blended

Sept. 6, 2016 | By kgabel
BY CS1 (SW) LISTERPAUL T. ANDRADE, USN JOINT EXPEDITIONARY BASE LITTLE CREEK-FORT STORY LET’S GET BLENDED 6On April 1, 2016, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLFCS) Torgerson Galley implemented another live action station “Let’s Get Blended.” With customers seeking healthier options, the station has been an absolute success. The customers have the option to personalize their own blended drinks. The blended station has over 35 different choices to include a wide range from fresh raspberries to Greek style yogurt. Blending is beneficial to both customers and staff in which it produces less waste and has healthier nutritional value. “Our goal is to provide a well-balanced nutritious meal while creating dining excitement to accommodate today’s modern warfighters who are more health conscious in what they eat but also have demanding schedules,” said Galley Production Chief CSC (SW) Tasia Penaranda of JEBLFCS Galley. This new plan to support the warfighters was developed with support by Commander, Navy Mid-Atlantic Region in which provided state of the art equipment to ensure the success of the plan; this is a Mid-Atlantic Regional initiative. All Mid-Atlantic galleys will have a blended station in place by 30 June 2016. “Our patrons are continually challenged by multiple fast food and other food outlets both on and off base,” stated CS1 (SW/AW) Wilner Civil, JEBLFCS Galley. “I am glad they came up with this new blended station,” said CM2 Ryan Albert from Detachment 105 Pittsburgh. “It gives a healthier alternative option and I have never seen anything like this before in any galley.” The revitalize plan will create a more restaurant-style atmosphere while still providing the choice for a nutritiously balanced meal. “Our customers are enjoying the new live action blended station,” commented Leading Culinary Specialist CSC (SW) Andrea Tuttle of JEBLCFS Galley. “In the short time since we implemented this new plan, we are seeing increased patronage of the galley.” July/August 2016