Ammunition Logistics Center Pacific Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Aug. 2, 2019 | By kgabel
By Julia Neuweiler, Inventory Manager, NAVSUP Ammunition Logistics Center Pacific On Jan. 18, 1994, the Naval Ordnance Center Pacific Division Ammunition Management Office (NAVORDCEN PACDIVAMMO) opened its doors to provide customer service to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Nineteen military and civilian employees set the standard on ammunition requisition management, ammunition battle group briefings, opportune lifts, and training and support in the Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System. Twenty-five years later, NAVSUP Ammunition Logistics Center Pacific (AMMOPAC) continues to maintain the pulse on the waterfront managing $52 billion in ordnance stockpile for U.S. 3rd Fleet Ships and Navy and Marine Corps shore units. In honor of this outstanding accomplishment, a celebration was held with three of the original 19 plank owners taking part in the festivities; retired Lt. Cmdr. Danny Vaughn, retired Lt. Cmdr. Donovan McManus, and retired Lt. Cmdr. Richard Graves. After opening remarks by AMMOPAC Officer-in-Charge Lt. Cmdr. Adam Baroni, the plank owners were awarded commemorative placards in gratitude for paving the way to AMMOPAC’s success. Vaughn spoke about the organization’s original vision and how the mission hasn’t changed in 25 years: “Customers first… I’m confident AMMOPAC will continue to provide great service to the Pacific Fleet for the next 25 years.” McManus recalled the challenges of properly loading and maintaining ships for deployment before AMMOPAC’s establishment. As the current Surface Ordnance Officer at Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT), he remains closely tied to Naval Ammunition Logistics Center AMMOPAC in support of service to the fleet. Graves honed in on why AMMOPAC’s presence is so vital. He stated AMMOPAC is “the one place the fleet can turn to for assistance in ammunition requisitioning and logistics support.” He also expressed his appreciation and pride for the staff’s unrelenting customer support. Additional remarks were provided by representatives from COMPACFLT; Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific; Commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific; Explosives Safety Support Office, Pacific/Atlantic; and other local commands. Previous AMMOPAC employees also in attendance included Cmdr. Knarvel Dailey, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Joseph Salgado, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jason Fair, retired Lt. Gary Vorous, retired Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 5 Daniel Nichols, retired Master Chief Petty Officer Dian McQueen-Gibson, retired Chief Petty Officer Rickie Atkins, retired Petty Officer 1st Class Eric Younce, and retired Petty Officer 1st Class Phillip Nowden. Although everyone had many stories to share, each struck the same chord: the importance of AMMOPAC’s role in maintaining accurate accountability with each of their commands, and their appreciation for the unwavering support of the AMMOPAC staff. The celebration continued at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2422, where sea stories were swapped between friends and shipmates, old and new. Summer 2019