FY18 Supply Corps Major Command Ashore Results

Nov. 28, 2017 | By kgabel
The officers listed below have been selected for command in calendar year 2018: O-6 Major Command Ashore Kristin Acquavella Brian J. Anderson George E. Bresnihan Daniel D. Davidson Frederick M. Dini Nathan Johnston Bernard D. Knox Frank E. Nevarez William J. Parrish Nickolas L. Rapley Lorenzo E. Williams In this screen, there were officers who were not selected for command because of limited opportunity, but whose record clearly meets selection criteria. Should a need arise during the CY18 detailing cycle for an additional officer to fill a screenrequired assignment, these officers identified as Qualified Insufficient Opportunity (QIO) shall be considered qualified: O-6 Major Command Ashore (QIO) Patrick S. Brown Terrel J. Fisher Paul A. Haslam Robert A. Keating James R. Macaranas Paul D. Melvey September/October 2017