Supply Advisory Team Update

Nov. 21, 2017 | By kgabel
In November, the 2016 Supply Corps Senior Leadership Symposium brought together more than 200 active and Reserve flag officers, captains and captain selects, as well as Senior Executive Service members, in Leesburg, Virginia. The professional engagement addressed a wide range of Supply Corps topics and provided unique perspectives from across the Navy and the Supply Corps. Each day the symposium focused on a central theme: Setting the Strategic Stage, Professional Development and Our Community, and Professional Topics of Interest. As a result of these themes and the supporting briefs, three Supply Advisory Teams (SATs) were formed to further explore specific focus areas:
  • Mentoring and Career Development, led by Capt. Marty Fields and Capt. Doug Noble, and sponsored by Rear Adm. Pete Stamatopoulos
  • Log IT Strategy, led by Capt. Doug Bridges and Capt. Gene Cash, and sponsored by Rear Adm. John Polowczyk and Rear Adm. Alan Reyes
  • Future Log Concepts, led by Capt. Eric Bach and Capt. Mark Wheeler, sponsored by Rear Adm. Jim McNeal and Rear Adm. John Palmer
The SAT focus areas represent strategic opportunities to further develop our people and processes to support the warfighter today and in the future. SAT information to date, including the SAT kickoff presentation and the mentoring and career development product titled, “Navigating the Mentor-Protégé Relationship” can be viewed at: As SAT efforts progress and information is added to the site, we will post notifications on the eSUPPO app. Continued support of this effort remains integral to the successful development of ideas that will revolutionize how the Supply Community operates. September/October 2017