Happy Birthday U.S. Navy Supply Corps! Est. February 23, 1795

March 17, 2017 | By Karla Gabel
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Two hundred twenty-two years ago this month, President George Washington laid the foundation for the U.S. Navy Supply Corps with the appointment of Tench Francis, a Philadelphia businessman, as the country’s first Purveyor of Public Supplies. Francis was chosen for his knowledge and vast experience, developed over many years, first by going into business with his father, and then starting a business with his brother-in-law. For several years, he acted as the agent for the proprietary interests of the Penn family. From 1781 to 1792, he served as the first cashier of the Bank of North America and signed documents authorizing a loan of $50,000 to the new federal government. From 1792 to 1794, his company was a major supplier to the War Department, selling more than $20,000 in supplies during a two-year period. His firm was also instrumental in procuring timber for construction of the first ships for the U.S. Navy-six frigates Francis would go on to support during his appointment as Purveyor. The business-savvy and competence Francis brought to this position continue today, and separate us from other officer corps in the U.S. Navy. Our stringent training and demanding assignments make us a top-notch business team. Listening to and focusing on our customers’ needs, we know how to analyze situations, forecast strategically, and manage expertly to meet their requirements. We believe in what we do, and have what it takes to get through tough times. The Supply Corps’ rock-solid reputation was earned by honoring our promises and following through to ensure our customers’ needs are met and put before our own needs. As we continue to punch the pubs and remain students of the game, keep moral excellence in the forefront of all you do. Be positive. Ask yourself, “Is this the best I can do?” If it isn’t, push forward. Welcome responsibility. Your character and the distinction of our corps are defined by you. This is how we show integrity. This is how we demonstrate accountability. This is how WE fight. This is how WE win! I am honored to work with such a tremendous and diverse team, and I am inspired by your robust enthusiasm and solid kinship. Like the pursers and paymasters who have gone before us, we uphold our rich heritage and customs, so those who will follow in our footsteps understand why our bond as U.S. Navy Supply Corps officers is so strong. Enjoy this special day to celebrate the 222 years of tradition that bind us together in support of our great Nation. Happy Birthday U.S. Navy Supply Corps! January/February 2017