NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Helps Prepare Helicopters for Hurricane Season

Jan. 3, 2017 | By kgabel
BY TOM KREIDEL, OFFICE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, NAVSUP FLEET LOGISTICS CENTER NORFOLK NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk Regional Supply Office (RSO)/Aviation Support Detachment (ASD) Norfolk reported Aug. 17 that they had completed building pack-up kits (PUKs) for helicopters in preparation for the 2016 hurricane season. According to Regional Supply Officer Lt. Cmdr. Jesus Garzon, the kits are prepared for both MH-53 and H-60 helicopters and are filled with repairable and consumable items they would use if called upon to provide hurricane relief. [caption id="attachment_5621" align="alignright" width="300"]
VIRIN: 170103-N-ZZ219-5621
NAVSUP FLC Norfolk RSO/ASD Norfolk completed building fully loaded PUKs like this one that stands ready to be sealed and loaded for deployment. “These kits are mobile warehouses comprised of parts compatible to the specific aircraft assigned to the specific mission,” Garzon explained. “They are sent out with the detachment when the mission takes the detachment beyond immediate support.” He further explained they can support for anywhere from two weeks to a month, or for longer deployments of upwards of six months. “These mobile pack-up kits keep the aircraft flying at the highest state of readiness, keeping the missions on track when reach-back is limited,” he added. “The PUKs provide immediate parts support for material that would otherwise have to be shipped or received from the Navy’s supply defense depots.” The PUKs are filled with supplies with a combined value of approximately $40 million. November/December 2016