New Diversity and Inclusion Instruction for Naval Supply Systems Command

June 8, 2016 | By kgabel
BY BETH SCHUDEL, SUPPLY CORPS DIVERSITY PROGRAM MANAGER, COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT COMMAND (BUPERS 3) This year is starting out as a great year for the Supply Corps Diversity Program. Rear Adm. Yuen recently signed the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Diversity and Inclusion Instruction (NAVSUPINST 5300.5), a first for NAVSUP Enterprise. The instruction provides guidance on leveraging diversity and inclusion to recruit, promote, and retain the bes t and brightest in support of NAVSUP’s mission. Under this instruction, the NAVSUP Diversity and Inclusion Council is established. Diversity councils in the civilian sector are popular choices for creating organizational change and help provide focus to diversity and inclusion initiatives. They promote an environment where differing perspectives and world views are valued and respected. They monitor equality in employment practices and promotion guidelines, and they ensure opportunities for personal development and professional growth are available to everyone within the organization. Additionally, this instruction provides guidance to revitalize our network of regional engagement teams across the U.S. to coordinate and sustain our public engagement efforts. These efforts not only establish important relationships with top business schools, leading business-student organizations and national affinity groups, they also serve to promote the supply community as an employer of choice, especially for students pursuing science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) degrees. The NAVSUP Diversity and Inclusion Council is no different in this regard. The council meets quarterly to develop long-range plans and initiatives. The council will also monitor enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the year and focus on the link between diversity and inclusion education, community outreach, and mission readiness. The council members consist of the NAVSUP Chief of Staff, the Assistant Commander for Corporate Operations and her appointee, the Supply Corps Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, the NAVSUP Corporate Culture Champion, the Command Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, the Command Master Chief, and appropriate subject matter experts. NAVSUP Enterprise is a multi-command organization. Though often unintentional, unequal command representation can send the message that the enterprise values some commands over others. To ensure that no commands feel under-represented on the council, each command will appoint a diversity and inclusion officer to represent their command on the council. Supply Corps officers from NAVSUP commands are encouraged to talk to their chain of command if they are interested in becoming involved in the council’s work. The NAVSUP Diversity and Inclusion Council is very excited about the coming year. If you would like to participate in our efforts, or would like to contact any of our team members, please contact the Supply Corps Diversity Program Manager at the Navy Personnel Command in Millington, Tennessee. NAVSUPINST 5300.5 can be found online at January/February 2016