Navy Supply Corps School Newport Certifies 68 Students ‘Ready for Sea’

May 23, 2016 | By kgabel
VIRIN: 160520-N-ZZ219-3502
Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) Commanding Officer Capt. Kristen E. Fabry graduated and certified 63 students “Ready for Sea” at a ceremony held at the schoolhouse Jun. 12. Twenty 85th Company Basic Qualification Course Naval Reserve (BQC-NR) graduates joined 43 graduates of Supply Officer BQC 2nd Battalion Charlie and Delta Companies. Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistics Support (GLS) Rear Adm. James McNeal was in attendance as the guest speaker. Rear Adm. McNeal is a logistician and leader with vast experience as both a Reserve and active duty Supply Corps officer. He has served aboard warships, in expeditionary billets, cargo handling battalions, and defense contingency support teams. Throughout his career, Rear Adm. McNeal has been in command on seven different occasions and has served at various staff and shore commands. He was assigned by the Chief of Supply Corps as the first Reserve admiral to lead NAVSUP GLS, a command that is comprised of 110 locations around the world and consists of more than 6,600 military and civilian personnel. His vast experience and passion for the Navy Supply Corps made him the top choice as guest speaker for the day’s graduation. BQC is an in-depth 22-week curriculum encompassing the major areas of an afloat supply department to include supply management, food service management, retail operations, disbursing management, Navy Cash®, personnel administration and leadership. The BQC prepares supply officers for their first operational tour by providing students with the personal and professional foundations for success. BQC-NR is a 15-month, comprehensive course of instruction, which provides Reserve Direct Commissioning Program officers and Supply Corps Limited Duty and Chief Warrant officers with the fundamental, technical and managerial knowledge necessary to function effectively as Supply Corps officers within the Navy Reserve. BQC 2nd Battalion had the opportunity to experience the Fleet Familiarization Tour (FFT) in Norfolk, Virginia, funded by Center for Service Support. During the week-long professional venture, the junior officers spent time aboard several platform types and at various Fleet support activities. Students shadowed their Fleet counterparts and worked TYCOM-approved Job Qualification Requirements, spanning all curricula to include leadership and ethics. [caption id="attachment_3501" align="alignright" width="300"]
VIRIN: 160520-N-ZZ219-3501
Students of 2nd Battalion receive their orders during the “Orders Reading Ceremony” in April as instructors and staff members line the back of the room. During this traditional ceremony held in the third month of training, students stand individually to receive their orders and the Educational Counselor announces their fate and displays an image of their future ship. The soon-to-be Division Officers typically receive a ballcap and welcome letter from their command. –photo by Lt. Erin Tortora. NSCS expects 2nd Battalion and 85th Company graduates will offer their future commanding officers increasing flexibility and enhance Supply Corps officers’ reputation for being naval officers first, and accountable officers always, by bringing their 140 years of experience back to the Fleet. This diverse group of students included 21 prior enlisted Sailors, graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, and redesignated officers from submarine and aviation communities. Since their arrival at NSCS, students in 2nd Battalion Foxtrot Company balanced superior academic performance with community service in and around Newport. Logging a combined 894 off-duty volunteer hours, they supported the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Robert Potter League for Animals Shelter and Habitat for Humanity, along with many other events and organizations. Academically, Charlie and Delta Companies held a class average of 95 percent and 85th Company maintained a 94 percent class average. Second Battalion helped raise awareness for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) by actively role-playing in training provided to NSCS by Naval Station Newport SAPR Victim Advocates. Delta Company even earned the title of Dodgeball Champions during the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness week. An awards brunch was provided for the top graduates where students who achieve the highest grade in each curriculum were recognized, along with leadership and professionalism awards. Ens. Emily Gilpin, who will be reporting to Afloat Training Group in San Diego, California, is the BQC 2nd Battalion Honor Graduate with an overall GPA of 98.99 percent. She is awarded an Officer’s Sword by National Industries for the Blind Assistant Vice President for Services Mr. John Qua for her superb academic performance. Lt. j.g. William Deal, BQC-NR 85th Company Honor Graduate, maintained an overall grade point average of 99.03 percent. He will report to Naval Operations Support Center Quincy, Massachusetts. Ens. Gilpin and Ens. Martinko are the recipients of the Food Service Excellence Award. Ens. Gilpin is also the recipient of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Excellence Award. Ens. Martinko, along with Ens. Soon Kwon, are the recipients of the Leadership and Management Excellence Award. The Navy Exchange Service Command Ships Store Award and the Supply Management Excellent Award were both awarded to Lt. j.g. Conor Cardillo. The Navy Supply Corps Foundation awarded the Leadership Award to Ens. Andrea Hoffman, and Military Officers of America Association Professionalism Award went to Ens. Patrick Ryan. Ens. Aaron Bauman is the recipient of the Navy League Volunteerism Award, for the 90 off-duty hours he volunteered in the Newport community. July/August 2015 The students of 2nd Battalion recognized members of the staff that contributed to the preparation of their professional success. Special recognition was given to me as Charlie Company Leadership and Management Instructor, and Lt. j.g. Mike Lucas, Delta Company Retail Operations Instructor. Lt. j.g. Mike Lucas and I were awarded Instructors of the Battalion for our dedication to the students of 2nd Battalion, Charlie and Delta Companies.


Lt. Erin Tortora and Lt. j.g. Mike Lucas
VIRIN: 160523-N-ZZ219-3519
2nd Battalion Instructors of the Battalion Ens. Emily Gilpin BQC 2nd Battalion Honor Graduate Navy Food Service Excellence Award Defense Finance and Accounting Service Excellence Award Lt. j.g. William Deal BQC-NR 85th Company Honor Graduate Ens. Andrea Hoffman BQC 2nd Battalion Navy Supply Corps Foundation Leadership Award Lt. j.g. Matthew Deitchle BQC-NR 85th Navy Supply Corps Foundation Leadership Award Ens. Patrick Ryan Military Officers of America Association Professionalism Award Ens. Jacob Martinko Navy Food Service Excellence Award Leadership and Management Excellence Award Lt. j.g. Conor Cardillo Navy Exchange Service Command Ships Store Award Supply Management Excellence Award Ens. Soon Kwon Leadership and Management Excellence Award Ens. Aaron Bauman Navy League Volunteerism Award

2nd Battalion 15-020 Charlie Company

Ens. Anderson LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP San Diego, CA
Ens. Bauman USS R. J. PERALTA (DDG 115) Bath, ME
Ens. Burkhart USS PORT ROYAL (CG 73) Pearl Harbor, HI
Lt. j.g. Cardillo USS SAN DIEGO (LPD 22) San Diego, CA
Ens. Fenley USS SPRUANCE (DDG 111) San Diego, CA
Ens. Glynn USS K EARSARGE (LHD-3) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Harlow USS GRAVELY (DDG 107) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Hoffman USS GERALD FORD PCU (CVN 78) Newport News, VA
Ens. Hughes USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Kohl MCM 14 CHIEF Sasebo, Japan
Ens. Kovac USS HUE CITY (CG 66) Mayport, FL
Lt. j.g. Krampen USS GUNSTON HALL (LSD 44) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Martinko USS MISSOURI (SSN 780) Groton, CT
Lt. j.g. Mayer USS LAWRENCE (DDG 110) San Diego, CA
Ens. Miner USS NORTH DAKOTA (SSN 784) Groton, CT
Ens. Montgomery MCM 7 PATRIOT Sasebo, Japan
Ens. Nguyen USS COMSTOCK (LSD 45) San Diego, CA
Ens. Ripley USS NEW YORK (LPD 21) Mayport, FL
Lt. j.g. Tanner USS PRINCETON (CG 59) San Diego, CA
Ens. Taylor USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Newport News, VA

2nd Battalion 15-020 Delta Company

Ens. Arita Gonzales USS JOHN STENNIS (CVN 74) Bremerton, WA
Ens. Douglas USS NORTH CAROLINA (SSN 777) Bremerton, WA
Lt. j.g. Feeney USS AMERICA (LHA 6) San Diego, CA
Ens. Felton USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) Yokosuka, Japan
Ens. Fenley USS SPRUANCE (DDG 111) San Diego, CA
Ens. Floyd USS WEST VIRGINIA (SSBN 736) Kings Bay, GA
Lt. j.g. Graham USS JOHN STENNIS (CVN 74) Bremerton, WA
Ens. Herrera USS HAWAII (SSN 776) Bremerton, WA
Lt. j.g. Hricisak NAVAL REACTORS Washington, DC
Ens. Jackson USS NEBRASKA (SSBN 739) Bangor, WA
Ens. Jones USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19) Yokosuka, Japan
Ens. Kallander USS BOXER (LHD 4) San Diego, CA
Ens. Kwon USS McCAMPBELL (DDG 85) Yokosuka, Japan
Ens. Ladwig USS O' K ANE (DDG 77) Pearl Harbor, HI
Ens. Legaspi USS WAYNE E. MEYER (DDG 108) San Diego, CA
Ens. Millen USS BATAAN (LHD 5) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Ryan USS IWO JIMA (LHD 7) Mayport, FL
Ens. Silver USS CAPE SAINT GEORGE (CG 71) San Diego, CA
Ens. Staten USS BATAAN (LHD 5) Norfolk, VA
Ens. Stone MCM CREW BULWARK San Diego, CA

BQC-NR 85th Company

Ens. Brown NOSC WASHINGTON D.C. Frederick, MD
Lt. j.g. Brown CNFJ NR HQ Minneapolis, MN
Lt. j.g. Clark NOSC MADISON Grand Rapids, MI
Lt. j.g. Colton NOSC PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh, PA
Lt. j.g. Deal FLC NORFOLK HQ Lenoir, NC
Lt. j.g. Deitchle NOSC INDIANAPOLIS Indianapolis, IN
Lt. j.g. Dominick NAS SIGONELLA Oakland, MI
Lt. j.g. Elswick NOSC OKLAHOMA CITY Pleasantville, TX
Lt. j.g. Ferrer DCMA BALTIMORE Miami, FL
Lt. j.g. Greene FLC PEARL HARBOR Honolulu, HI
Lt. j.g. Heninger DLA-DRT III Farr West, UT
Lt. j.g. Holbrook DCMA MANASSAS Alexandria, VA
Ens. Lambrix NHCB-10 Arlington VA
Lt. j.g. Restrepo NOSC MIAMI Miami, FL
Lt. j.g. Seborg NCHB14 Phoenix, AZ
Lt. j.g. Sharpe NOSC ORLANDO Orlando, FL
Lt. j.g. Stone NOSC OKLAHOMA CITY Pittsburg, OK
Lt. j.g. Tamisiea NOSC OMAHA Fort Calhoun, NE
Lt. j.g. Villanueva NOSC ATLANTA Lawrenceville, GA
Lt. j.g. Wilburn FLC SIGONELLA DET B Houston, TX