Household Goods –– Making Moves Manageable

Dec. 29, 2015 | By scnewsltr


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House and keys on white isolated background.
House and keys on white isolated background. 3d
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The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Global Logistics Support (GLS) executes the operational household goods mission at 40 offices around the world. The headquarters staff based in San Diego, California, coordinates a variety of Sailor support services focused upon moving you and your family’s personal possessions. The focus of the NAVSUP GLS team is to reduce the stress and confusion surrounding household goods moves by use of a multi-layered support strategy. This article will briefly examine the various training and information tools NAVSUP GLS has put in place to help Sailors and families make the transition between duty stations and retirement/separation.

The scope of the household goods mission is complex and challenging when viewed from the macro level. Each year, moves peak from May 15 to July 15. For example, in fiscal year 2015, 129,375 moves have been initiated or conducted within the Department of Defense (DoD) during the peak season. There is an average of about 6,000 moves per week during the non-peak months of the year but this number increases to 10,000 to 12,000 moves per week during peak season.

Our 40 worldwide offices process an average of more than 120,000 moves for all DoD customers during a typical fiscal year. The workload here does not include the additional management of tens of thousands of long-term storage lots and shipments of privately owned vehicles to and from overseas locations. The NAVSUP Enterprise performs this challenging mission effectively each year.

The front line level of support you may be most familiar with is the Navy Personal Property Office. Our offices have changed to adapt to the new Defense Personal Property System (DPS) software. Navy has also been a leading participant in DoD’s consolidation of personal property functions known as Joint Regionalization. The primary result of the new software is that functions previously performed by the local Personal Property

Office now fall to the service member to execute. For example, Navy offices had the responsibility to coordinate member pick-up and delivery dates with the moving companies, while today that coordination is done directly between the member and moving company. The impact of Joint Regionalization has been a reduction in staff available to conduct traditional "face-to-face" counseling with service members. We rely on the DPS self-counseling capability and have installed computer kiosks in all our offices so that service members who do visit can enter their move applications and have over-the-shoulder assistance from a trained counselor.

As a second level of support, NAVSUP GLS established the first service-level Customer Call Center. The Call Center is modeled after the highly successful Global Distance Support Center and uses the same software and technology. You can now dial 1-855-HHG-MOVE (1-855-444-6683) and speak directly to a trained technician at any point in your moving process. Additionally, NAVSUP GLS has also established an email account for Sailors to receive assistance during the entire process -

The third level of support is the Navy Household Goods & Personal Property website. Located at, the website provides a wide variety of information including brochures, step-by-step instructions on navigating the DPS self-counseling module and videos all designed to help you and your family get the information you need when you need it.

The fourth level of support provided is available via popular social media. The NAVSUP GLS Facebook page features many helpful tips, office hours and other information designed to provide information and assistance. NAVSUP GLS has developed a number of videos that are posted to YouTube for service members who prefer to follow along in the video mode. Just enter "NavyHHG" in the search box to find them.

Printed material is still available to those more comfortable with that traditional medium. Several new brochures have been added to our Navy offices and NAVSUP GLS is in process of developing a business card with important household goods contact information. These items are available via your local Navy Personal Property Office.

NAVSUP GLS has worked to partner with a variety of organizations to provide customer education and assistance. Our relationship with Commander, Navy Installations Command and their Fleet and Family Support Centers and Ombudsman program has proven very successful. We are now expanding our communications to Fleet Public Affairs Offices and working with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy and the Command Master Chiefs to get better information forwarded to the deckplates.

Our newest innovation is development of a customer satisfaction survey. This survey is sent to those who have conducted a traditional move (not a Personally Procured Move) starting with deliveries made Jan 1. 2015. We appreciate the extra time taken by those who responded and your feedback has provided us with valuable insight. We will continue to send surveys on a monthly basis with the intent of gathering very specific information about the overall moving process so that we can improve it. Please note that this survey is a Navy initiative and should not be confused with the Defense Personal Property System Customer Satisfaction Survey. The DPS survey is focused on the quality of the service provided by your moving company and is critical to weeding out bad contractors while rewarding those companies that provide high quality service. The new Navy survey will encompass the entire moving process including, but not exclusively focused on, the transportation mode.

The NAVSUP Enterprise is laser-focused on making our Sailors and their families as prepared and supported as possible during the challenging experience of relocation. We will continue to pursue new and innovative technology and process improvements with the goal of improving overall customer satisfaction with the moving process.
VIRIN: 151229-N-ZZ219-3230