Navy Supply Community Committee on Ethics ... Ethics and Compliance Resources

Aug. 17, 2015 | By scnewsltr
Over the last year, we’ve spoken extensively on ethics and our role as supply professionals, business managers, and stewards of public funds and property. Our ethos as a Navy
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Supply Community is founded upon knowing and understanding the rules that govern our work and behavior as Naval Officers, Sailors, and civilian federal employees. By knowing the rules, we put ethical decision-making first and ensure that our actions bring credit to the United States Navy. To improve the accessibility of ethics resources, we have established an Ethics and Compliance website with helpful links that take you directly to the publications that must guide our ethical decision-making processes. You can find the website at: When you face ethical challenges, tough decisions, or simply have questions about applicable rules, this website can help point you in the right direction as we strive to uphold the Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment. One link on the website leads you to our Ethics E-Forum, where you can ask questions directly to our ethics committee, led by NAVSUP Counsel, Ms. Sandra Jumper. This committee includes civilian and military representatives from various NAVSUP and Supply Corps organizations, and is designed to help ensure the strongest foundation of moral excellence across the Navy Supply Community. We welcome and encourage the ethics dialogue that the Forum will provide, and we hope that you find it a useful resource for asking scenario-based questions, requesting rules clarification, or seeking the appropriate point of contact to discuss an issue of concern. Please note that postings to the Forum can be made anonymously if desired.
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The Navy Supply Community has a proud tradition and reputation for excellence. It is up to all of us to preserve that tradition and reputation by maintaining the trust of our leaders, customers, and stakeholders. Every member of the Navy Supply Community must know and understand the governing rules, engage in ethical decision-making, and embrace the ethical principles that ensure our actions will be positive, defendable, and morally correct. We hope that you will utilize this Ethics and Compliance website to help navigate the tough decisions you must make every day. If you have any suggestions or additional publications or compliance resources, please contact (717) 605-4641.