Chef Irvine Provides Training to Culinary Specialists

May 15, 2013 | By scnewsltr
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VIRIN: 130515-N-ZZ219-0849
Chef Robert Irvine provides training to CS2(SW) Cleveland Aaron as Irvine’s wife, Gail Kim, watches. Chef Irvine visited the Culinary Specialists aboard Porter this past March.  He has more than 25 years in the culinary profession, and has cooked his way through Europe, the Far East, the Caribbean and America, in hotels and on the high seas.  He began his cooking career upon enlisting in the Royal Navy at the age of 15.  He has also been of service to the White House Mess in the West Wing, staffed by Culinary Specialists, and he was briefly the personal chef of actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Upon completion of his 10-year tour of duty, Irvine performed consultant work before becoming Executive Chef aboard numerous cruise ships. Accompanied by his wife Gail Kim, Chef Irvine toured Porter, spoke with Sailors and served dinner. The visit was a part of his training opportunity with U.S. Navy ships, in which he provided his kitchen expertise to some promising prospects.  He spent his time aboard cooking dinner food and mentoring all Culinary Specialists on expert culinary procedures, and answered questions from crewmembers.  Chef Irvine emphasized his passion for food and cooking, and how he began this profession when he was just 15 years old. Chef Irvine thanked all Sailors for their service, and emphasized how much it means to him what they do and how it keeps all of them free so they can do what they love.  He posed for pictures with all Culinary Specialists and Sailors who asked. Chef Irvine and his crew arrived earlier than scheduled to be able to spend more time with Sailors.  All sailors were commenting on how good the food was, and he left many happy crewmembers as he departed.  Culinary Specialists appreciated the fact that he took time out of his busy schedule to come aboard and spend time with them. By Lt. Daniel Sepulveda-Prieto, SC, USN, Supply Officer, USS Porter (DDG 78)