A Closer Look Inside NAVSUP WSS Contracting

March 5, 2013 | By scnewsltr
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Capt. Chris Mosher signs the Multiplatform Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) PBL contract with Honeywell this past October at the Honeywell Technology Center in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Nathan Drevna) Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Weapon Systems Support (WSS) has a long tradition of providing outstanding contracting support to its numerous Integrated Weapon Systems Teams (IWST) and fleet customers. The 02 Contracts Directorate is widely recognized as a Department of Defense (DoD) Performance Based Logistics (PBL) center of excellence, and is frequently called upon to share its innovative contracting practices and successes with both Industry and the Services. Since 2005, DoD has recognized NAVSUP WSS 13 times for their highly successful PBL initiatives. The contracting organization is comprised of more than 200 civilian and military personnel that operate as a single entity from two sites located in Philadelphia and Mechanicsburg, Pa. Together, the two sites execute in excess of 34,000 contract actions valued at $3 billion annually. Led by Capt. Chris Mosher, Director of Contracting, NAVSUP WSS 02 is comprised of seven procurement departments. His diverse group of contracting officers and specialists provide an extensive array of contracting capability and expertise. The departments under his purview are responsible for a wide range of repair, procurement, service and PBL contracting in support of the Navy’s Aviation, Maritime, and Information Technology (IT) requirements. Three contracting departments reside in Philadelphia, providing contracting support to aviation operations of the Navy, Marine Corps, other military departments and foreign military customers. Similarly, three contracting departments in Mechanicsburg provide contracting support to maritime, foreign military operations, and information technology customers. The remaining department is a dual sited shared resource, providing acquisition policy, process management, training and personnel management oversight across the entire directorate. Each department supports its own unique customer base. The seven NAVSUP WSS contracting departments are predominately supplier-aligned with the primary goal of building key supplier relationships to support the numerous weapons systems programs at various life cycle stages. On a secondary level, the departments are aligned with their respective Integrated Weapon Systems Teams (IWST). This method of alignment has proven to be most advantageous in providing a high level of contracting and supply support for all customers. In addition, while not part of the NAVSUP WSS contracting organization, two DLA buying detachments co-located within each NAVSUP WSS site, augment the procurement of repairable and consumable spare parts to support Navy, Marine and FMS requirements. Below is a snapshot of the major programs supported, and some of the Directorate’s most recent contract successes. Aviation – Philadelphia Fixed Wing Contracts (Code 022) … Provides contracting support to multiple IWST customers/platforms including F/A-18, AV-8, E-2/C-2, P-3, H-53/60/46, EA-6B and V-22. Recent successes include, the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) PBL renewal is a five-year firm fixed price contract covering 79 items. This partnership with FRC East is valued at $180.9 million, and serves as the basis for a potential future DLA/Joint Service Enterprise PBL. Rotary Wing Contracts (Code 023) … Provides contracting support to multiple IWST customers/platforms, including H-1, H-46, H-53, H-60, EA-6B, V-22, and E-2/C-2. The recently awarded V-22 Joint PBL provides more than four years of coverage for more than 168 items. The cost-plus incentive fee contract, valued at $218.4 million, is a partnership with Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) East & FRC Southwest, which provides the foundation for reliable, affordable long-term support for the Marine Corps operated MV-22 and the Air Force operated CV-22. Common Systems (Code 026) ... Provides contracting support to all major aviation IWST customers and platforms. Recent successes include the fully competitive and commercial firm fixed price T700 PBL contract, which will provide three years of gas generator turbine and compressor rotor support. This former DoD PBL Award winner has increased time on wing by 66 percent since the initial award in 2004. The PBL supports 1,500 Navy and Marines aircraft engines and is valued at more than $107.4 million. Maritime – Mechanicsburg Maritime Systems (Code 021) … Provides contracting support to multiple IWST customers and platforms, including Hull Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E), MK99 Fire Control, WSN-7, BPS, IBS, SPY Transmitter, Q-70, ARCI, MK41 VLS, USC-38, CEC, CIWS, and NATO Sea Sparrow. The recently awarded AEGIS SPY-1 Radar PBL renewal provides five years of contractual coverage designed to improve AEGIS readiness throughout the fleet. This $37.5 million effort supports more than 1,650 items, and continues to leverage commercial best practices garnered over more than 10 years of superior PBL performance. Level 1/SUBSAFE and Ammunition Systems (Code 024) ... Provides specialized contracting support for CAD/PAD, Airborne Expendable Countermeasures Program, Lightweight Torpedoes, Level 1 Sub Safe, CARPER, TRIPER/AERP, and 2S COG. Level 1/SUBSAFE processes repair and spares requirements for the Navy’s submarine fleet and Military Sealift Command (MSC) customers primarily through the use of spot buys and inventory replenishment requisitions. The requirements are essential to ensuring the safety of the submarine fleet and Sailors, requiring 100 percent marking and traceability of all materials. The Ammunition Systems division provides very specialized contracting support, primarily to external customers, for the procurement of flare and chaff, ammunition, pyrotechnics, and other munitions pertaining to training and operational requirements. IT Products and Services (Code 027) … Provides procurement support for automation hardware, software and systems from commercial sources for use by NAVSUP and other DoD operating sites. As the Department of Navy’s second largest Information Technology services contracting office, this department is responsible for more than $400 million in annual procurement. Dual Site Acquisition Policy, Technology and Resources (Code 025) … Provides all of the resource and budget management, policy dissemination, training, metrics and staff support for the entire Contracting Directorate. It also serves as NAVSUP’s program manager for the Integrated Technical Item Management and Procurement (ITIMP) contract writing system, and is critical in optimizing its interface with ERP, as well as troubleshooting system issues. In addition to these support functions, Code 025 performs internal contract reviews and is the lead for all contracting-specific reviews performed by external entities. The directorate strives to be an excellent contracting organization with skills, knowledge and integrity that are beyond reproach. The contracting Directorate is aligned with its suppliers and customers, using teaming as a primary means of understanding its customers’ needs and priorities. The directorate continually seeks new and better business and contracting processes to improve the value of its service. It recognizes that its most important resource is its people. Lt. Cmdr. La-Hesh Graham holds an Acquisition & Contract Management MBA from the Naval Postgraduate School, and is a Defense Acquisition Corps member. He is responsible for the oversight of more than $700 million in annual contract awards for aviation spares and repairs. His previous assignments include serving aboard USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54), Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka, Naval Sea Systems Command, and USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). By Lt. Cmdr. La-Hesh Graham Director, Common Systems Contracts, NAVSUP WSS