Navy Supply Corps Newsletter, Submit Your Story

Submitting content to the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Approvals:  All articles/graphics/photos must be approved by the appropriate chain of command prior to submission.
Document set up in Word:  When submitting articles for consideration, they must be submitted in a Word document.  No formatting is required other than enter between each paragraph.
We prefer Supply Corps officers author submitted feature articles.
We recommend articles between 500 and 1,000 words, which roughly equals one Newsletter page (including the title and one graphic or photo).  Readers tend to read shorter articles, but longer articles may be accepted depending on the subject.
Submit your content via email:
When writing your article…
  • Less is better…use short, punchy sentences
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Use bullets to list key points
  • Quotes from credible sources adds credibility and interest
  • Photos and images make for a more interesting article
Please include all of the following in the Word document that contains the article:
Point of contact:  An e-mail address for the author or activity POC should be included with the package so we can e-mail a copy of the final layout to the author or POC for approval if multiple changes are needed. 
Byline:  All articles require a byline.  The byline should include the author’s full name (with middle initial if there is one for military) and rank (if military), current job title and command.  For military that are in a select status – we will reflect current rank in the byline and select status in the bio.
Photo caption:  Include a description of any photos accompanying articles, including names and titles/ranks of individuals in the photos; and the photographer’s name. Please have this caption at the end of your Word document.
The following items should NOT be included in the body of the Word document:
Graphics:  All graphics should be provided as separate files, not as part of the article word document.  Charts and graphs should be PowerPoint files. 
Photos:  Photos should be provided in a separate .tif, or .jpg file format…Photos should not be provided in the body of the article Word document.  Prints made from film cameras (any size up to 8 x 10) and digital photos are acceptable.  All individuals in the photo should be identified with full name and rank, along with a brief description of what’s in the photograph, in a paragraph at the bottom of the article Word document. 
Digital Photos should be 300 DPI (approximately 5 x 7 at pixel size 2,000 x 1,200).  These high-resolution specifications give the best reproduction in the print media.