NAVSUP WSS Hosts Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

BY JENNIFER BLAIR NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Corporate Communications

Adm. James Caldwell, director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, visited Naval Supply Systems Command and NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Dec. 13.

Caldwell met with NAVSUP and NAVSUP WSS leadership, toured the NAVSUP WSS Material Office warehouses and met with employees from the command’s Nuclear Reactors and Supply Chain Management Department.

“We are honored to host Admiral Caldwell,” said NAVSUP WSS Commander Rear Adm. Duke Heinz. “As partners in support of the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program, it is important for our employees to hear from Admiral Caldwell, and that we take time to discuss our challenges and successes.”

During the visit, Caldwell hosted a town hall open to all NAVSUP Enterprise employees on the base. His remarks focused on the importance of logistics in supporting U.S. Navy readiness and global operations.

“We have a Navy that’s out there every day on the front lines, doing amazing things, phenomenal things for the nation,” he said. “You are here to make sure we have the logistics to fight… what you do matters to the U.S. Navy and what you do is of vital importance.”

Caldwell also challenged NAVSUP to find innovative ways to do our jobs. “All of us, as an institution, need to be pursuing advanced manufacturing techniques and advanced technologies. If we don’t, it’s to our peril,” he said.

At the conclusion of the town hall, Caldwell opened the floor up to questions and thanked the team for their contributions.