Navy Exchange China Lake Supports Navy Personnel After Earthquakes

BY KRISTINE STURKIE, Public Affairs, Navy Exchange Service Command

Navy Exchange (NEX) China Lake, California, opened a temporary store in wake of the two earthquakes that shook Ridgecrest, California, on July 4 and 5.  To support personnel on base, a temporary NEX store opened on July 9 outside the main store under a covered awning for accessibility and convenience. The temporary store was needed due to damage the main store sustained from the earthquake.

In many areas of the main store, merchandise was knocked off shelves and scattered on the floor. Items for the temporary store were carefully collected by NEX associates and placed on rolling racks that were wheeled out and stocked with essential merchandise. In addition, pallets of water and sports drinks were dispatched from the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Distribution Center in Chino, California, and delivered to the temporary store within one day. NEX personnel remained on watch to support all mission essential personnel on base.

Personnel from NEXCOM’s Western District Office, as well as managers from the surrounding NEX locations, descended on China Lake to assist in getting the NEX facilities back online, including the barbershop and the gas station, which was back in working order on July 7.

NEX China Lake sustained damage to the ceiling tiles and flooring and merchandise was knocked off shelves in many areas of the store.
–photos by NEXCOM Public Affairs

“Following the earthquake, our NEXCOM team jumped into overdrive and within a day and a half had a temporary store set up with the necessary items stocked, all to support mission essential personnel,” said Roland Santos, Western District vice president, NEXCOM.  “Although our NEX branch exchange manager sustained damage to his own home, he devoted his time and effort to ensure service members and the folks here to help with the recovery effort were taken care of. It’s a testament to the service attitude of our team, and am proud of what they’re doing here to support!”