Joint Aviation Supply Maintenance Materiel Management Pilots First New Class in 10 Years

By Lt. Paul Novess, Lead Joint Aviation Supply Maintenance Materiel Management Instructor
Navy Supply Corps School

Students from U.S. and Australian aviation communities participate in the practical exercises of the first new JASMMM pilot in 10 years.


On March 21, the Joint Aviation Supply Maintenance Materiel Management (JASMMM) team completed the first course revision in more than 10 years when Capt. Jonathon Haynes, commanding officer, Center for Service Support signed the JASMMM Letter of Promulgation. The two-year effort was initiated through a Joint Duty Task Analysis (JDTA) request from Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet and resulted in a complete to bring the course material more in line with current directives across the fleet.

Some of the highlights of the revision included the implementation of a hands-on supply chain management practical application titled “The Supply Chain Game,” as well as updated focus from the curriculum on the initiatives pushed down from the Naval Aviation Enterprise. The JDTA and curriculum development was completed in 2017-2018 by the JASMMM instructor team led by Lt. Cmdr. Jesse Epp, and helped save the Navy more than $400,000 in associated analysis costs by not requiring an outside entity to perform these critical jobs.

JASMMM Class 19-040 with members from allied nations Australia and Saudi Arabia, post for their class picture with instructors and Navy Supply Corps School Commanding Officer Capt. Nick Rapley. 


Throughout 2018, many revision milestones were met including the approval of the training project plan by the Naval Education and Training Command and the training course control document by the Center for Service Support. The formal revision of the course was capped off during the course pilot from Jan. 28 to Feb. 8.

This monumental effort could not have been successful without the hard work and dedication of the JASMMM instructional team including Lt. Paul Novess, Scott Frost, LSC Nelson Pastrana, and AZC David Shoemaker, as well as the guidance of the Navy Supply Corps School Training Officer Vicky Spencer.

–photos by Lt. Stephen Astafan

Summer 2019