2018 Supply Corps Senior Leadership Symposium

The 2018 Supply Corps Senior Leadership Symposium was held in Leesburg, Virginia, Nov. 7-9. The three-day event addressed a wide range of Supply Corps topics and provided unique perspectives from across the Navy and the Supply Corps.

Organized around three themes–Setting the Strategic Stage, Professional Development, and Professional Topics of Interest–the symposium served as an opportunity for participants to refresh their understanding of the roles they have in the Navy and gain a better understanding of what to expect in the future.

During the symposium, Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Adm. Bill Moran briefed participants on the importance of fleet readiness.

“The competition is real. It’s not a game,” Moran said. “The Supply Corps has the knowledge to shift the curve of what happens with readiness.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Acquisition and Procurement), Elliott B. Branch and Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) Joseph B. Marshall Jr. also briefed participants.

Branch spoke about the importance of leadership and what it means to the Navy’s mission and Marshall explained how the Navy is handling audit.

–photo by Dorie Heyer


VCNO Adm. Moran and Rear Adm. Skubic during the leadership symposium. –photo by Laureen Ramos


During the conference, the captain selects were welcomed by Rear Adm. Skubic, and were briefed on legal discussion, the O6 detailing process and how to properly handle media relations and communications.
Row 1 left to right: Capt. Kerri Yarbrough, Capt. Donna Johnson, Capt. Greg Eaton, Cmdr. Kevin Corcoran, Rear Adm. Skubic, Cmdr. Johnetta Thomas, Cmdr. Jason Werner, Cmdr. Paul Demeyer. Row 2 left to right: Cmdr. Jay Hamilton, Cmdr. Bert Hornyak, Cmdr. Shawn Triggs, Cmdr. Mike Krisman, Cmdr. Troy Pugh, Cmdr. Eric Naley, Cmdr. Mark Wills, Cmdr. Ryan Lookabill, Cmdr. Justin Lewis, Cmdr. Jason Adams –photo by Dorie Heyer

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