NAVSUP BSC Sailors Clean Up Community

By Beth Rensch, Public Affairs, NAVSUP Business Systems Center

Sailors from NAVSUP BSC in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, participate in a clean-up project as part of an Adopt-A-Highway partnership.


Sailors assigned to NAVSUP Business Systems Center (BSC) participated in an Adopt-A-Highway cleanup project in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in May.

The event served as an opportunity to enhance the environment in the local area and contribute to the preservation of the community.

For more than 10 years, NAVSUP BSC Sailors have cleaned up a two-mile section of Sporting Hill Road just outside of Naval Support Activity, Mechanicsburg.

“It is important for us to participate in this type of program because we care about our community, and it is our community, not just a duty station,” said Lt. Samuel Gebreselassie, project officer and Adopt-A-Highway coordinator for NAVSUP BSC.

The Adopt-A-Highway initiative is part of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) roadside beautification program, where volunteers collect trash and debris that litters our roadsides. Each group is assigned a two-mile stretch for a two-year period.

“We at PennDOT find it invaluable to partner with long-standing groups such as yours, as it brings citizen volunteers into a partnership with PennDOT to enhance the beauty of the roadside environment so we present a better impression of Pennsylvania to tourists and prospective business investors,” said George Reigel, roadside specialist for district 8-0, PennDOT.

Reigel noted that by using volunteers, the Adopt-A-Highway program saves Pennsylvania $491.75 per mile, the cost for a five-man PennDOT crew to clean one mile of roadside. This is funding that can be put to use in repairing and rebuilding the infrastructure instead of picking up litter.

“Any time we can do something positive and give back to the community, it shows that we are there to support them as they support us,” said Lt. Darius Rawls, project officer, NAVSUP BSC.

Lt. Samuel T. Gebreselassie, participates in a clean-up project as part of an Adopt-A-Highway partnership with the local Mechanicsburg community.


Capt. Douglas M. Bridges Jr., commanding officer, and Cmdr. Bob Winters, executive officer, NAVSUP BSC in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, participate in a clean-up project.


–photos by Dorie Heyer

Fall 2018