NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s Ocean Terminal Division Supports Joint Warfighter Readiness


NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s ocean terminal division onloads Army equipment and cargo onto the commercial vessel, Ocean Jazz, to support Pacific Pathways.


NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Pearl Harbor and its partners conducted around-the-clock port operations at the ocean terminal onboard Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam from June 10-14 to support Pacific Pathways.

Pacific Pathways allows the U.S. Army to develop small units that will be forward-deployed for quick response to humanitarian emergencies or regional threats. It also lets the U.S. Army create a semi-permanent presence in parts of the Pacific where it is not feasible to establish bases.

NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor’s ocean terminal division onloaded 205 pieces of Army equipment and cargo onto commercial vessel Ocean Jazz, June 10-12.

Ramon Davis, left, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor material handler, reviews documents as equipment and cargo are loaded onto Ocean Jazz.


On June 13-14, the division continued port operations with an offload of 215 pieces of Army equipment and cargo off of USNS Fisher (T-AKR 301) with support from Selected Reservists from Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 8 (NCHB 8) and Navy Cargo Handling Battalion 10 (NCHB 10).

“Having the ships back-to-back pushed our internal capabilities to the breaking point; we now have a better idea of what is needed for future operations that may require two ships being offloaded or on-loaded simultaneously,” said Lt. Cmdr. Calvin White, ocean terminals director/operational support officer, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor.

“I could not have successfully carried out the mission without Reserve support because they integrate themselves into our division, capitalize on their rating experience and greatly expand our operational capabilities,” said White.

November/December 2017